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Explore the Six Dimensions

Zen Stones

When we balance the six dimensions, we reclaim the power to create our ideas into reality. We have the power to create our lives as we wish them to be. This is a truth. It is also a process!


A process which requires commitment and enthusiasm as well as a focus on the six dimensions of our lives:

  • Nutritional

  • Physical

  • Intellectual

  • Intrapersonal

  • Intersentient

  • Creative

Explore the six dimensions (6D) of your life - Create balance between these dimensions

Explore your ideas - Create your reality

Explore your dreams - Create your life

Your life is your creation - your very own masterpiece

Create it with awareness, clarity and kindness


Nutritional Dimension

Our food is our fuel. This is the dimension of our lives that provides the energy required to live, survive and ultimately thrive. Balance this dimension by focusing on nutrient rich foods found in nature.

Headstand by the Beach

Physical Dimension

Our bodies crave physical activity. Our muscles need it to to stay strong, our hearts need it to keep beating - even our minds crave physical activity for the release of endorphins! Balance this dimension with a variety of activities that serve to stimulate all your body's systems, from circulatory to nervous -  and all systems in between!

Brain Sketch

Intellectual Dimension

This dimension of our lives is where our cerebral matter really matters! Explore ideas that can help you to stimulate, nurture and nourish your brain - the birthplace of all our ideas. Balance this dimension by focusing on both your professional and personal intellectual development, exercise your brain like you exercise your body. Staying mentally sharp helps to keep your ideas (and your life) fresh and exciting.

Yoga Man Meditation

Intrapersonal Dimension

Time with yourself is an important dimension of life. It is during these times that we allow ourselves to reflect, ponder and analyze our ideas, actions and feelings. Balance this dimension through explorations of meditation, writing and nature. Learn to know yourself profoundly and your ideas will become clearer. You can then better reflect your true self to the world.


Creative Dimension

Our ability to create our lives needs to be nurtured and nourished with creative activity just as our bodies require nourishment through food. Every decision we make creates a new reality. What we wear, eat, do and think are all decisions that create our daily lives. Balance this dimension by exploring the far corners of your creativity through a variety of activities. Accept that you are truly a creative being and realize that your life is your masterpiece creation - keep creating your story.


Intersentient Dimension

Integral to a healthy and balanced life are healthy relationships with other sentient beings. In this digital age, profound connections with others are more infrequent as we replace relationships with likes and shares. Balance this dimension of your life by focusing on real world connections with friends, lovers, spouses, family members, animals and nature. Share your time with other living things and reap the benefits of hormonal releases in your body which help to maintain our emotional balance.

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