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Yoga Man Meditation

Intrapersonal Dimension


Stop setting boundaries

Breathe deeply and open the mind to new realities

Focus on providing yourself access to and the expression of your innermost needs

Move towards more optimal choices in meeting your personal needs

Flow into a more optimal state of health and well-being

Time with yourself is an important dimension of life. It is during these times that we allow ourselves to reflect, ponder and analyze our ideas, actions and feelings. Balance this dimension through explorations of meditation, writing and nature. Learn to know yourself profoundly and your ideas will become clearer. You can then better reflect your true self to the world.

Notebook and Pen

Ideas for little changes

7-Day Auditions

Why not audition one of these simple ideas for optimizing your Intrapersonal Dimension. Try each one out for a week and then keep the ones you like - all are designed to help optimize your intrapersonal health and well-being.

  1. Dedicate 30 minutes each day to quiet meditation

  2. Every morning, before beginning your day, spend 30 minutes practicing stream of consciousness writing

  3. Practice Ujjayi breathing every evening just before bedtime

  4. Journal a different emotion each day (ex: on one day, write the word 'joy' at the top of the page, write without pausing for 20 minutes about anything in your mind when you think about the emotion joy. Do this each day, with a new emotion.)

  5. Remove all technology and data input for seven days - spend this  time unplugged.

  6. Spend time with old photographs and videos of your own memories every evening before bedtime

  7. Write yourself a letter giving your 18 year old self advice for what lies ahead (do this for yourself at ages 25, 30, 40, 50, 60 and 70 - unless those ages are in the future!)

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