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Free Night Concert

6D Living Free Events

At 6D Living we understand that not everyone can join programs or clubs due to the fees. We endeavor to offer a variety of free events for those on a budget and as a way to ensure that all our members can find a way to become engaged in the 6D Community as well as with the communities of our partner collaborators - together we can build a more plant-loving world. A more balanced world. A more peaceful and kind world.

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  • Jul 12, 2024, 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM PDT
    ZOOM 4:00pmPST/7:00pmEST
    Join us for this FREE event focusing on strength training - for all levels - to help us all fight Osteoporosis. This LIVE EVENT on July 12th will be moderated by Kathy Taylor as Angela leads you through an amazing set of compound movement exercises to help your bones!
  • Thursdays 11 July - 15 August
    ZOOM 4:00pmPST/7:00pmEST
    We meet every Thursday at 4:00pmPST/7:00pmEST - beginning 11 July. Join this FREE video club exploring documentaries which seek to inspire us all and serve as a catalyst to action and social/global change. ALL members of our 6D Living community are welcome to join us!
    Zoom 8:00amPST/11:00amEST
    We meet every Monday at 8:00am PST - 11:00am EST - beginning 29 January through 15 July. Weekly attendance is NOT required - join when you can to set goals and connect with one another for a positive start to the week ahead. All members of our 6D Living community are welcome to join us!
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