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Headstand by the Beach

Physical Dimension


Stop setting boundaries

Breathe deeply and open the mind to new realities

Focus on providing the body with all its physical needs to be healthy

Move towards more optimal choices in meeting your body's needs

Flow into a more optimal state of health and well-being

Our bodies crave physical activity. Our muscles need it to to stay strong, our hearts need it to keep beating - even our minds crave physical activity for the release of endorphins! Balance this dimension with a variety of activities that serve to stimulate all your body's systems, from circulatory to nervous -  and all systems in between!

Running Shoes

Ideas for little changes

7-Day Auditions

Why not audition one of these simple, body-focused ideas for optimizing your Physical Dimension. Try each one out for a week and then keep the ones you like - all are designed to help optimize your physical health and well-being.

  1. Take yourself for a walk outside for one hour each day

  2. Commit to strength train three times during the week (for 30 minutes each time)

  3. In a club or in your living room, spend 30 minutes dancing each day

  4. Begin & end each day practicing conscious breathing techniques for 15 minutes

  5. Commit to some form of cardiovascular exercise each day this week (for 45 minutes each time)

  6. Begin each day practicing Sun Salutations for 30 minutes

  7. Practice self-care each evening with a body brush/scrub and hot detox bath before bed

  8. End each day gently stretching and breathing for 30 minutes

  9. Practice the 5 Tibetan Rites each day (preferably in the morning)

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