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Holding Hands

Intersentient Dimension


Stop setting boundaries

Breathe deeply and open the mind to new realities

Focus on providing yourself with quality connections to other living organisms

Move towards more optimal choices in meeting your social needs

Flow into a more optimal state of health and well-being

Integral to a healthy and balanced life are healthy relationships with other sentient beings. In this digital age, profound connections with others are more infrequent as we replace relationships with likes and shares. Balance this dimension of your life by focusing on real world connections with friends, lovers, spouses, family members, animals and nature. Share your time with other living things and reap the benefits of hormonal releases in your body which help to maintain our emotional balance.

Butterfly on a Flower

Ideas for little changes

7-Day Auditions

Why not audition one of these simple ideas for optimizing your Intersentient Dimension. Try each one out for a week and then keep the ones you like - all are designed to help optimize your intersentient health and well-being.

  1. Call one person each day with one goal - listening to them

  2. Go for walk with a friend every day

  3. Volunteer at an animal shelter

  4. Spend an hour each day outdoors in nature - all living things are connected

  5. Organize a meeting with friends you have not seen in awhile and reconnect

  6. Volunteer at a garden center or park

  7. Plant some flowers or vegetables and spend time each day nurturing their growth

  8. Write a letter to someone you admire and let them know what they mean to you - send the letter!

  9. Cook with friends and then go together to donate that food to those in need

  10. Volunteer at a homeless shelter or a food bank 

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