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Rock Balancing

6D Living

6D Living is based on an idea rooted in balance. Here at 6D Living, our goal is to share ideas about how to best balance each of the six dimensions. To that end, we offer group programs, seminars & workshops, private coaching, book clubs, community support groups and a plethora of information about recipes, ideas, and activities to help us all live more balanced and fulfilling lives.

At 6D Living we endeavor to provide our community with opportunities to nurture all six dimensions and through this focused development to find balance in our lives. We do this with our book club, workshops, Modified Fasting Programs, social chat forums, individual coaching, retreats and seminars.

6D Living is a community seeking balance in a very unbalanced world. Life is a creative process – it is exciting and daunting all at the same time. It can be messy, never moving in a straight line toward the ultimate goal; but if we commit ourselves to ‘our art’ (our creation), if we dedicate our time to following our own path (as curvy as it may be at times!) – we find the power to create our life into a masterpiece of health and wellness.

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