Individual Coaching Services

From nutrition to fasting to balancing your life, we will discuss your current health practices, your health goals as well as ideas about how to reach them successfully.

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Sia Hurst

45-minute Private Session

Sia Hurst has completed the Plant-Based Nutrition certificate with the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutritional Studies as well as the Nutrition and Healthy Living program at eCornell.

Sia holds qualifications as an Intermittent Fasting Advisor and Gut Health Coach and she is currently working towards a Naturopath qualification with the College of Naturopathic Medicine in the UK.

She is a member of the Association of Naturopathic Practitioners and the International Association of Therapists.


Carla Hoffman

45-minute Private Session

Carla Hoffman is a graduate of the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies from eCornell University where she earned a Plant-Based Certification. She is a certified Nutritarian Coach and has led a whole food, plant exclusive diet for 2 and 1/2 years and has a passion for helping others transition to a healthy lifestyle through holistic nutrition.

Carla has attended three 6D Modified Fasting Programs and is excited to begin leading her own programs introducing how to live a 6D Lifestyle in order to help this important culture change to our community.

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6D Living Challenges

Whether you are simply curious about the Six Dimensions or are ready to commit to a focused re-balancing of your life, 6D Living has a challenge for you. Whether you accept a 30 Day, 60 Day or 100 Day Challenge - this is the first step in accepting that your life is your creation and that you have the power to create it in balance.

Be sure to check out our Dimensional Challenges designed to help develop each Dimension individually. These challenges can be found on each Dimension's page - Nutritional, Physical, Intellectual, Intrapersonal, Intersentient and Creative.


For the curious beginner

The goal of this challenge is to explore all Six Dimensions and learn how to begin balancing them in order to attain optimal health and well-being.

For the focused learner

The goal of this challenge is to understand how the dimensions are interconnected and to provide balance in all Six Dimensions, the end result of which is optimal health and well-being.

For the deeply dedicated

The goal of this challenge is to achieve true balance in all Six Dimensions, the end result of which is optimal health and well-being.

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6D Living Seminars

Contact us via email to discuss booking an online seminar with 6D Living.


Intermittent Fasting

Intro to IF practice

Learn about the different types of IF practice as well as the impact of IF on the body. Explore a bit of the science behind IF and learn how to create your own IF plan for optimal health benefits.

WFPB Nutrition


Learn about the basics of Whole Food Plant-Based nutrition, including how to to plan, shop and prepare a WFPB kitchen. Explore ways to make WFPB eating fit with your current lifestyle as well as kitchen hacks to make the transition to WFPB smoother.

Living in 6D

Putting it into practice

Learn what it means to live in balance and how the six dimensions can help you find that balance in all that you do. Explore ideas about how to encourage and nurture each dimension in your life as well as real world activities to help deepen your understanding of each dimension and its role in your reality.


"Don’t focus on what you’re giving up but rather on what you’re adding to your life" were the wise words from Sia when I told her last year that I was thinking of going from a vegetarian diet to a vegan.

Through our discussions and Sia sharing her wealth of knowledge she introduced me to intermittent fasting. Sia monitored very closely my progress and was on hand to answer all my questions.

I was mainly concerned about my energy levels as I lead a busy life- a mum of three and a yoga teacher. Needless to say I’m hooked on the results and can honestly say my personal yoga practice has never been better. My flexibility and stamina have improved often practicing 16 hours into my fast.

Sia has been by my side throughout guiding me and introducing me to recipes and snacks to keep my energy levels high. She’s helped me create an eating program that suits my hectic schedule and offers me the best nutrition

Andrea M