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6D Programs & Courses

All 6D programs and courses are conducted online and all meetings are via zoom. Participants join from a variety of countries but all meetings are held in English.

At this time we offer a Modified Fasting Program, which occurs monthly from the 1st through the 10th and we have a course exploring and applying The Four Agreements which begins in April.

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Glasses and Notebook

In this ten day program we focus on guided modified fasting and whole plant nutrition. The program also includes activities to help bring balance to our other five dimensions of life – Physical, Intellectual, Intrapersonal, Intersentient and Creative. These programs are moderated by Sia Hurst.


Learn more/Register for a Modified Fasting Program

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We will embark on an in-depth journey through this seemingly 'simply' book, using its accompanying workbook to really dig deep and find ways in which we can all begin to live our lives employing The Four Agreements as our guide. Take a journey led by don Miguel Ruiz and guided by Sia Hurst.

Learn more/Register for The Four Agreements Course


Plant-Based Boot Camp

Coming soon!!

Kathy Taylor will be launching a PLANT BASED BOOT CAMP in September 2024. This will be a six week program which will address common questions about living a plant-based lifestyle, including recipes, hacks and tips for success.

Link to learn more and register coming soon!

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