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Roasted Pepper & Chickpea Dip - Recipes

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Snack away with this delicious bean dip which is packed with vitamins, minerals and fibers. This bean dip packs a kick of pepper and twist of lemon - a creative take on your more traditional hummus type dips.

Roasted Pepper and Chickpeas - a dip that transcends hummus! With whole*, plant-based ingredients, this recipe is perfect as a dip for fresh raw veggies or as a filler for a lettuce wrap with avocado, Tangy Picadillo and a Lime Chili Sauce. Simple, whole food ingredients like chickpeas, garlic, peppers and citrus this is a nutrient dense bean dip option that packs a powerful fiber punch.

Prefer a vinegar based hot sauce instead of lime? Check out our 6D Living Hot Chili Sauce for an extra kick in your wrap!


To see the complete recipe, please click here.

*Dehydrated yeast is not technically a 'whole' ingredient as it is mildly processed

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