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6D Events

  • Nutmeg Notebook Interview
    Sun, Jan 23
    16:00PST/19:00EST (USA TIME ZONES)
    Jan 23, 4:00 PM
    16:00PST/19:00EST (USA TIME ZONES)
    Explore the possibilities within a Whole Food Plant Based International community as we visit with Sia Hurst. Sia will share her vision for "6D" living, what is it and what are its benefits. Hosted by Tami Kramer - Nutmeg Notebook Live
  • 6D Book Club - The Pleasure Trap
    Sun, Feb 27
    Meetings Every Sunday (on Zoom)
    Feb 27, 6:00 PM GMT+2 – Apr 24, 6:00 PM GMT+3
    Meetings Every Sunday (on Zoom)
    MEETS EVERY SUNDAY - 6D Book Club brings people together in an international digital community with a common interest in learning about healthy, balanced living.​ This is a FREE BOOK CLUB which is open to everyone.
  • Greek Retreat May 2022
    Sun, May 01
    6D Home Away From Home
    May 01, 12:00 PM – May 31, 12:00 AM
    6D Home Away From Home, Anavyssos 190 13, Greece
    A plant focused holiday retreat balanced with activity, reflection and good company. Coming together as a community to share new experiences and create memories – and eat plants!

I have been involved in two of the 6D Book Clubs and am looking forward to a third book together. Sia, each week, sent out pertinent quotes from the book and discussion questions to help us with our weekly discussions, via zoom. We would start the hour with sharing our week and then dove into the discussion. Sia was very encouraging to everyone to share their ideas on topics she introduced, if we felt comfortable. There was no judgment if we weren't able to finish the weekly chapters, just a chance to share how we felt about the reading. The group was from all over the world, and we were able to share ideas that work for each of us in this lifestyle. I felt everyone in the group was very friendly, helpful and supportive. I learned so much information, not only from the books we have read, but also from the members, I feel I have made a wonderful group of friends!!!

Our first book was Whole, by Dr. T Colin Campbell. Sia contacted Dr. Campbell and he joined us for a question and answer discussion on his book. What a thrill!! I can only say wonderful things about the experiences I have had with 6D Living!!!

Carol S

6D Modified Fasting Programs

  • MF Protect - Immune System
    Tue, Feb 01
    Feb 01, 7:30 PM GMT+2 – Feb 10, 7:30 PM GMT+2
    IMMUNITY FOCUS - Ten Days - Modified Fasting - Whole Plant Nutrition This ten day program is offered at three intensity levels, depending on each participants experience with both Whole Plant Nutrition and Intermittent Fasting (Time Restricted Eating).
  • MF Cleanse - GI Tract & Microbiome
    Tue, Mar 01
    17:30UK/12:30EST/9:30 PST
    Mar 01, 7:30 PM GMT+2 – Mar 10, 7:30 PM GMT+2
    17:30UK/12:30EST/9:30 PST
    GI FOCUS - 10 Days - Modified Fasting - Whole Plant Nutrition. This ten day program is offered at three intensity levels, depending on each participants experience with both Whole Plant Nutrition and Intermittent Fasting (Time Restricted Eating).

"Don’t focus on what you’re giving up but rather on what you’re adding to your life" were the wise words from Sia when I told her last year that I was thinking of going from a vegetarian diet to a vegan.

Through our discussions and Sia sharing her wealth of knowledge she introduced me to intermittent fasting. Sia monitored very closely my progress and was on hand to answer all my questions.

I was mainly concerned about my energy levels as I lead a busy life- a mum of three and a yoga teacher. Needless to say I’m hooked on the results and can honestly say my personal yoga practice has never been better. My flexibility and stamina have improved often practicing 16 hours into my fast.

Sia has been by my side throughout guiding me and introducing me to recipes and snacks to keep my energy levels high. She’s helped me create an eating program that suits my hectic schedule and offers me the best nutrition

Andrea M