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Almond Butter - Raw Recipe

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

This raw recipe is simple, quick, nutritious and delicious! Whether you use the 'butter' as a dip for fresh fruit or mixed into fresh oats in the morning or on a stalk of celery topped with raisins, this 'butter' is as versatile as it is nutrient and fiber rich.

Keep it whole - raw - alive - powerful

Organic, raw almonds

Cinnamon spice

Raw Citrus



Fancy a twist? Add one citrus cube when blending the ingredients - lemon, orange or grapefruit all add a special kick to the cinnamon sweet goodness. Play around with different flavors and spices - just keep it raw, keep it alive and keep it powerful!

Control the texture and consistency by adding or removing water - blend it the way you like it! To see the complete recipe, please click here.


Be well.


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