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Meditation with Monk Wellawatte Seelagawesi Thero

Updated: 2 days ago

Experience various guided meditations with Bhante as well as listen and learn from him about different types of meditation practice as well as the various levels of meditation practice and enjoy the discussion times between the various guided meditations as he also shares his personal journey with humor and compassion.

Wellawatte Seelagawesi Thero is one of the dedicated monks at Mangalagiri Vipassana Meditation Center in Sri Lanka.

During his 2024 tour to America, Wellawatte Seelagawesi Thero (commonly addressed as 'Bhante') joined our 6D community to teach us about different types of meditation and he led us in some guided meditation sessions.


We are grateful to Affan Kermani - a 6D Book Club Moderator - for bringing this event opportunity to our community. Meditation brings not only peace and calm, but also balance and wellness. During this meditation time with Bhante, we learned about how to include regular meditation practice into a balanced lifestyle.

Affan is a US tax professional within the financial services industry. He survived Polio as an infant of twenty-eight days in the early seventies. As a person with disabilities, Affan has been on a lifelong journey seeking ways to manage muscle weaknesses, bone loss, and contain progressive disability that comes with Post Polio Syndrome.  He discovered the ‘Whole Foods Plant’ lifestyle during the thick of COVID-19 and adopted the lifestyle evidencing a positive shift in energy and mobility.

As a 6D member with a passion for reading, Affan moderates book clubs and focuses on books that will lead minds to contemplate the human ability of ‘mind over matter’ and the influence of modern-day technology and environment, on how each of us can best navigate life for our individual needs of health and wellbeing.


Be well


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