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Happy Anniversary 6D Living! (of sorts!) I would like to share my gratitude with you all.

It was one year ago today that Tami and Tom Kramer invited me to join them on Nutmeg Notebook and they welcomed me into their community and allowed me to share what 6D Living is and how people could join us. Yup, One year. And so much has happened here that I want to take this opportunity to share my gratitude with and for you all - I value each member of our community and admire your curiosity and generosity, your support and your encouragement - our diversity is what connects us all profoundly.


I met Tami and Tom in Greece and had the pleasure of spending an entire day with them around Attika. It was if I had been reunited with two old friends and the day was fabulous. They have welcomed me and 6D into their Nutmeg Notebook community with open and loving arms and they truly are the wind beneath our fledgling wings.

Personally, their friendship has become one of the most loving and supportive I have ever had the privilege of experiencing and for our 6D Community, there are simply no words to do adequately thank them for all they have done - and continue to do! We even have a new collaboration together called 'Plant Living Made Easy' each Tuesday on Goodself - an informal series of talks about a variety of plant-centric topics. Our friendship continues to grow and our connections become stronger with each day.

I met Kathy Taylor at the True North Health Center. Over two short weeks we spent time talking, laughing, walking, crying and just simply being near one another. She was supportive and kind and I could feel the enormous love she has within her and wants to share with the world.

Personally, Kathy has taught me many things, primarily how to love and trust again. I know that with Kathy as my friend, I will never be alone. For our 6D Community, Kathy is priceless. She generously gives her time, knowledge and guidance to all in her book clubs and is always there to support our members.

I met Carla Hoffman in an MFP in early 2022. I was immediately impressed with her poise and deep sense of curiosity. Personally, Carla has become a close friend for whom I admire her strength and perseverance. I literally smile simply thinking about her.

For our 6D Community, Carla has hosted various 6D Balance programs, all with enormous success and has helped members personally through her private consultations.

I met Andrea Mullin over 15 years ago - in a knitting group of all things! Throughout the years our friendship has grown into a very special bond which we keep strong by staying connected, enjoying time together walking or sitting by the sea.

Personally, she taught me yoga and balance, she accepted me for who I am and has always been a loyal and steadfast friend to me. For our 6D Community, Andrea provides Yoga with Andrea; a wonderful yoga video series - from breathwork to chair yoga to full on flow practice.

I met Michelle Ray in a Modified Fasting Program in early 2022. She came in 'open' - her word - and then showed us all that she indeed was open. Open to new ideas, a new way to live and to new friends. Personally, she is someone quite impactful in my life and has seen me as I am and as I could be; and when she lets me know that though she feels I may need to reconsider something or take a pause, she always shares that with me with love, compassion and understanding, and respect.

For our 6D Community, Michelle never fails to provide support and encouragement through our various what's app groups and with our Connections community. Her compassion feels limitless, her experience is profound and she always ready to listen.

I met Marianne Rose in the Spring of 2022 during a Modified Fasting Program and her love of nature and all that is healthy and kind and good was invigorating and so very welcome. Personally, she has steadfastly supported me during some stressful times and has always been kind and loving in our interactions.

For our 6D Community, Marianne provides amazing guidance for those feeling isolated or worse, addicted to bad choices. She is knowledgeable and generous with her experience in our Connections community and our members are healed by her love and encouragement. She is a light in the darkness.

I met Robin Saul in our 6D Book Club and was immediately impressed with her breadth of knowledge and understanding about health and nutrition. Personally, she keeps me on my toes and sharp and has helped me to reach out more and feel more confident about sharing my passion - balanced living.

For our 6D Community Robin moderates our 6D Living facebook group and does so brilliantly! She is thoughtful about what she shares with us all and encouraging to those who share on our page. She is also an amazing moderator of Atomic Habits (beginning week of 12 March; with two group choices!) and will be moderating our newest group, Transitions, beginning on Sundays on 5 March. She does this all for the health and well-being of all members in our community. Robin is a multi-talented, well-read and experienced guide through this lifestyle we have all chosen.

My husband, Dominic, and my mom, Aleca. It is difficult to explain how grateful I am for these two people. They 'see' me. You know what I mean? They are my supporters, my challengers, my encouragers and my forgivers. They meet me exactly where I am on each day and begin with 'I love you'. Personally, they have made me stronger, wiser, more compassionate and more loving. They teach me, guide me, as well as allow me to lead at times. They balance me.

For our 6D Community - they are the love that filled me up to overflowing so that I can share the bounty with all of you. They have held me up over some very stressful moments and freed me to soar when I was ready to fly again. They tend to my wounds and they cheer me on when I am strong. The alpha and the omega of it all.

Finally, I am grateful for all of our community members. You have all come together from across the world to create a place where we can explore new ideas, share laughs along with knowledge and comfort and encourage one another without judgement or expectations.

We meet one another right we are in the moment, and together we move forward - stronger, wiser, happier and more balanced.

Happy Anniversary 6D!

I am looking forward to our adventures to come and would love to hear from you.

Please comment below for what or whom in your life you are feeling gratitude today.


Be well


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Congratulations, Sia, and the entire team at 6D Living. I am so appreciative of all I have learned about myself through the 6D MFP and book clubs. Being a professional registered nurse did not prepare me for taking care of myself in the 6 dimensions. Thank you Sia for sharing your knowledge and compassion for life. Again, Congratulation!


Happy Anniversary Sia and the entire 6D staff!!

I send my deepest gratitude for all of your support and kindness as I journey to live a healthy and balanced life be it my final chapter! I feel so blessed to be a part of this beautiful community!!

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