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6D Balance

Click below on the start date you prefer for your program and reserve your spot today! 6D Balance programs run for 10 days. Groups are limited to 10 participants.

February 2, 2023

We would like to share your thoughts (only about the final question in the survey) with the 6D community on our website and face book page. Should you choose to answer the final question below, we will list your identity with your first name and last initial (ex: Sia Hurst would be identified as Sia H.).

All other questions are completely confidential and will only help us to improve our programs. We thank you for your honesty and wish you optimal health and wellness.

I have participated in two 6D Living Balance programs (Balance) with Carla and thoroughly enjoyed each one. Carla is a very knowledgeable and compassionate health coach. If ever she does not know the answer to a question, she will research it and get back with you - usually by the end of the day.

Carla’s desire is to empower each participant to consistently make lifestyle choices that will improve our health and wellness. Each day of the 10 day Balance program is spent focusing on one of the 6 dimensions of 6D Living: nutrition, physical, intellectual, intrapersonal, intersentient, and creative.

As a community, we share our own experiences and support each other in our wellness journeys. Recognizing my need and desire for a local support system, Carla encouraged me to invite a sister or friend to join me during one of the programs. I did and that 10 day session was remarkable! I lost 7 pounds and my friend lost 8 pounds in 10 days and we continue to support each other to reach our long-term health goals. Carla rocks! I highly recommend the 6D Balance program to others!

Denine W.


6D Balance Program

Moderator - Carla Hoffman

Learning to live a balanced life in all six dimensions

10 Days - Whole Plant Nutrition - Daily Meetings - 6D Activities - Lectures - Articles - Videos - Body Care - Daily Exercise - Community Support and Encouragement

Zen Stones

6D Balance Program Objectives

  • Focus on each of the six dimensions - Nutritional, Physical, Intellectual, Intrapersonal, Intersentient and Creative

  • Nutritional balance using Dr. Greger's Daily Dozen guidance

  • Physical balance through daily movement and exercise

  • Intellectual balance through explorations of lectures, articles and videos

  • Intrapersonal balance with daily meditation practice

  • Intersentient balance through daily community connections

  • Creative balance with daily activities to strengthen a creative connection

Group Hug

6D Balance Group Experience

What is included in our group programs?

  • One private consultation with Carla Hoffman

  • Daily Check-In with the community (zoom)

  • Daily lectures and community discussions (zoom)

  • Daily emails with lecture information & activities

  • 6D Balance Handbook/Guidelines

6D Balance Schedule (community accountability)

  • Daily Intermittent Fasting Practice

  • Daily Meditation and Breathing Practice

  • Two 24-Hour Fasting Focuses

  • Daily Physical, Mental and Emotional focus through Activities/Lectures/Meditations

Join one of our groups and fully experience the benefits of our 6D balance protocols in all six of your life's dimensions. Groups are kept small by design and are limited to 10 participants.

Water Glasses

6D Balance Tools

  • Pure water

  • Whole Plant Nutrition- Daily Dozen Guidelines

  • Daily Intermittent Fasting Practice

  • Breathwork and Meditation

  • Daily Connections on zoom, what’s app and email

  • Videos, Research and Articles about Health and Wellness

  • Activities for balancing all Six Dimensions

Organic Vegetables


Before you reserve your spot in a group program, remember that this is a whole plant protocol.

No Salt. No Oil. No Sugar. No Animals. No Processed Foods. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Due to our no refund policy, be sure to 

Book a consultation prior to registering for a 6D Balance Program if ANY of the following statements below is true for you. This is for your safety and success with the program's goals.

  • You have consumed animal flesh in the last month

  • You have consumed dairy in the last month

  • You have consumed eggs in the last month

  • You have been diagnosed with a health condition (especially if you take medications for your condition)

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