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Virtual Team Meeting

Transitions Community Group 

Moderated by Robin Saul

All 6D Living members are welcome to join, regardless of their current dietary habits. We look forward to your joining in and building our community.

A weekly gathering of community members who want to have the opportunity to share personal experiences, opinions, and strategies about how to thrive in their lives using the six dimensions of 6D Living's philosophy: balance in all things.

Transitions is a moderator facilitated (with Robin Saul RD) zoom meeting designed to provide support for those learning and maintaining a whole foods plant-based lifestyle. We will explore a variety of topics and share resources including procuring food and preparing recipes, as well as how to navigate social situations with those who don't follow this way of eating.

Transitions is a safe space for discussion on the challenges that come with making this lifestyle change. The group is a great opportunity to network and connect with like-minded people and share ideas. It will also provide a platform for meaningful conversations and the exchange of knowledge and experiences.

Group Hug

Transitions Community Group

Moderator - Robin Saul, RD

Six weeks of connection, support, knowledge and guidance. Whether our transition is new or old, community support, encouragement and guidance is always a positive way to ensure optimal health and wellness.

What is Transitions?

Our Transitions Community Group is to be an open forum you can join to meet weekly with like-minded, plant-centric people - at least those who are trying, just like you! Community guided discussions with guidance from your moderator, Robin Saul RD. Explore a variety of topics together about how to live your most optimal life.

Transitions welcomes all 6D Members! Simply click on Register for Transitions link below to join for the launch in March!

How does Transitions work?

Our online group is Community and Moderator directed towards personal development using the six dimensions of 6D Living's philosophy; balance in all things. Our support group is a gathering of health-minded people who want the opportunity to share personal experiences, opinions, and strategies about how to thrive in their lives. We continue to build an environment where our group members can learn and encourage each other in a meaningful way.

Transitions Objectives

  • Accountability to a tribe of like-minded people

  • Transitioning to a whole foods plant based lifestyle

  • Ongoing group interaction

  • Creating a movement plan to suit your schedule and needs

  • Better time management

  • Improve your mindset

  • Easing the pedal on procrastination

  • Becoming more fearless in your life and challenging yourself

  • Gaining confidence

  • Creating better habits and canceling out bad habits

  • Navigating your way with family and friends how to “Get along without Going along.”

When is Transitions?

Transitions provides a sense of well-being, reduces anxiety and stress, improves mental health, and helps you cope better during duress. We will focus on how to align thoughts and feelings  with your goals as well as having key tools available to help you out whenever you need them. Or better yet, resolving to incorporate these strategies into daily rituals.


Transitions will meet once a week on zoom for SIX weeks. The meeting time is 17:00 Pacific/18:00 Mountain/19:00 Central/20:00Eastern


Our next Transitions group registration opportunity will be announced soon, thank you.

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