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6D Book & Video Club - Diverse, New and Challenging

Updated: Mar 14

If you have visited our 6D Book Club page recently you know just how many new books - and book moderators! - we have listed for the entire year of 2024 ... and a couple that go into the beginning of 2025! It is gratifying to see that our community is ready to explore all Six Dimensions of our lives through the wonder and beauty of reading, exploring and learning together. There really is something for everyone!

Learning together as a community is a powerful experience which allows for the free and respectful exchange of ideas. Our 6D Book & Video Club mission is to connect people from around the world on our digital platform to explore, learn and grow together in a journey of living healthier, happier and more balanced lives.

All 6D Book Club meetings take place on Zoom, so no matter where you live in the world you can join our curious community which simply loves to keep learning. Each moderator has a unique zoom link which they will share with all their registered participants before the first scheduled book club meeting.


... click on the individual links below which will take you to that particular event's unique page where you will learn more about that event and be able to opot and reserve your spot if you are interested in joining us - keep in mind we keep our groups small so that everyone can be heard during the weekly meetings ... register early!!



Be well


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