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Kathy Taylor Member Spotlight in Health Science Magazine

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

"I was stuck in the Pleasure Trap for decades. Eating a SAD (Standard American Diet) led to morbid obesity and took a terrible toll on my body. I tried hundreds of diets, lost weight for a time, but gained all the weight back and more when I resumed my highly processed food eating habits. In desperation I resorted to weight-loss surgery with disastrous, life-threatening complications.

During the many months of convalescence my nephew and his young wife introduced me to the movie Forks Over Knives. That sparked hope in me and made me hungry to learn everything I could about a Whole Food Plant Based lifestyle. I am eternally grateful that by simply eating delicious, colorful, whole food (and lots of it)!

Over the next two years I continued to drop weight until a total of over 200 pounds melted away. Also eliminated were expensive prescriptions, high blood pressure, Type 1 diabetes, GERD, restless leg syndrome, sleep apnea, low-back pain, skin rashes and a wheelchair! I sobbed the first time I buckled my seatbelt on the airplane and realized I no longer needed an extender.

Last May in Greece I even hiked up a very steep mountainside to the Temple at Delphi. Miracles happen with a whole plant food diet!"

- Kathy Taylor (edited version from Health Science Magazine)

Chef Ramses Bravo, executive chef at True North Health Center in Santa Rosa, CA, asked me to film my weight loss story with strategies for success in building a personal support system. This video is a lesson segment from his new course, “Solutions to a Healthy Lifestyle.”


The NHA has a wonderful podcast available with Dr. Frank Sabatino.

The Health Science Podcast

Host: Dr. Frank Sabatino

The Health Science Podcast is brought to you by the National Health Association (NHA) championing the Gold Standard of a Whole Plant-Food Diet and Lifestyle Since 1948. The NHA’s Mission is to educate and empower individuals to understand science-backed results from an integration of all aspects of health; personal, environmental, social, and the animals. All of our experts subscribe to a whole food, plant-based nutrition, no SOS lifestyle and take a leadership role in advocating for healthy living and social justice.

The podcast is available on your favorite podcast channel, you tube and on our website under the tab labeled Podcast at:

Registration for the e-newsletter can be found by clicking on the tab for Health Science and choosing the drop down that says Health Science Newsletter.

Or use this link!


About the NHA Conference

Since their first conference in 1949, the founders, the Natural Hygiene pioneers encouraged plant-based eating, clean water, fasting, exercise, and more: principles that were way ahead of their time! Each year the NHA learn up-to-date science-based evidence that will support us ALL moving forward. They connect with new and old friends, and they leave with renewed zest to do better and be healthier.


Be well

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