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6D Living Free Events - Join the fun!

Some events are on zoom, some are live on YouTube - all are free and ready for you to RSVP and then join us for learning, service, movement, connections and most of all the sharing of ideas and time with one another.

At 6D Living we understand that not everyone can join programs r clubs due to the fees. We endeavor to offer a variety of free events for everyone in order to ensure that all our members can find a way to become engaged in the 6D Community as well as with the communities of our partner collaborators - together we can build a more plant-loving world. A more balanced world. A more peaceful and kind world.


... click on the individual links or photos below which will take you to that particular event's unique page where you will learn more about that event and be able to RSVP if you are interested in joining us.



Through 15 JULY

8:00am PST

On Zoom


12 March - 30 April

11:00am PST

Live -Nutmeg Notebook- YouTube



13 March - 12 June

7:00am PST

On Zoom

*with the permission of the NHA, we will be learning from their podcasts featuring Dr Frank Sabatino


11 July - 15 August

4:00pm PST

On Zoom

*with the permission of PBS, we will be watching videos from their Visionaries Series


5 September - 10 October

4:00pm PST

On Zoom

*with the permission of Kim Murphy of Simply Plant-Based Kitchen, we will use her program


Be well


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