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Nutmeg Notebook & 6D

6D Living will once again join Tami & Tom on their live Nutmeg Notebook show. This time however, it will include our 6D Team members! They will be sharing what they are doing in the 6D Community, their goals for our future growth and development and answering your questions through the live chat.

We are grateful to Tami and Tom for allowing the 6D Team to visit their community so that we can all explore, learn and grow together. Their generosity truly knows no bounds when it comes to sharing knowledge and encouragement to those searching for optimal health and wellness. And that they do this all for free speaks to the love they hold in their hearts for each and every one of us. And we love them right back!

Join us on Thursday - 27 October - 9:00 PST on YouTube! 

We will add the direct link here just as soon as it is ready!

What is happening at 6D Living?

6D Balance Program

This 10-day program designed and moderated by Carla Hoffman is a deep dive into all Six Dimensions of our lives. Carla shares relevant articles and research, guides you through focused activities and exercises and supports you as you practice a fully committed plant-centric lifestyle. Through plant-based nutritional protocols to regular IF practice to the daily community connections and discussions, this program provides a positive and supportive place for those seeking balance in their lives.

Private Coaching with Carla Hoffman

Carla Hoffman has opened her calendar booking services and is ready to meet you! In your first FREE 20 min consultation with Carla you and she will discuss what your current health reality is, what your goals are and some ideas about how you can reach them. Carla also offers 45-minute Private Consultations for those who are ready to do a deep dive into these ideas as well as consultation packages for those who are ready to begin a new journey towards optimal health and wellness.with an experienced and knowledgeable coach. (before you can book a package you must meet with Carla once to see if it is a good fit!)

Modified Fasting Program - Reset (new program protocol!)

There is a new MFP in town and its name is Reset! After many months of research, test runs and corrections, our new MFP is ready for you! With new recipes and nutritional guidance, new activities and research, this program is designed to address your body as a whole - with whole plants, IF and prolonged fasting, exercise and meditation and of course the science! Programs run each month from the 1st through the 10th with moderator Sia Hurst.


Our community let us know what they wanted and we acted! The most common concern we hear from our community is that after completing a program, participants feel alone or disconnected. Our daily meetings in both 6D programs are an intense bonding experience and can leave us feeling sad when it is all over. Now it does not have to end! Connections is a community of people who have experienced at least one 6D Program and would like to continue to stay connected to the community on a more focused and regular basis. Connections meets once a week and is dedicated to sharing knowledge as well as encouragement to all of us who are wanting more connection, accountability and support after a program. This group is available by invitation-only and all program participants receive an invitation upon completion of a program with us.

6D Book Club

Our little book club began a few years ago because I had too many books on my shelf gathering dust and I just knew there was useful information inside them! We began with a few friends, meeting weekly to discuss what we were learning together. Turns out a lot of people are storing books on their shelves and so our little book club is now growing! Registration is open for four books at this time with three different moderators! Each book club meets weekly, though the days and time vary - check the listing carefully! We are an international community so finding the perfect day and time for everyone is just not possible so we do our best to offer various options to ensure everyone who wishes to join our community of exploring knowledge and do so.

How Not To Diet by Dr Greger with moderator Kathy Taylor

Atomic Habits by James Clear with moderator Robin Saul

Undo It! by Dr Dean and Anne Ornish with moderator Sia Hurst

Fiber Fueled by Dr Bulsciewicz with moderator Kathy Taylor

Who is doing What?

How can you join the ongoing explorations and adventures at 6D Living?

Follow the links for all our program, book club and community connection options below!

Carla Hoffman

Carla is the creator and moderator of our 6D Balance program, which is offered once a month. This is a 10-day deep dive into all Six Dimensions of our lives with activities, lectures, daily zoom meetings and guided nutrition and fasting. Carla is a qualified Nutrition and Intermittent Fasting Coach and has created a beautiful journey for all who participate seeking knowledge, community and balance in their lives. Carla also offers one-on-one coaching to all 6D Community Members; she is a knowledgeable and compassionate health coach who promises to meet you where you are so that you and she can begin a new journey together towards optimal health and wellness. 

Kathy Taylor

Kathy is one of our book club moderators. She is a retired teacher and it shows! She is a master at sharing knowledge with others, providing clear and probing questions for her groups to discuss each week, and publishes a video each week on our YouTube Channel, chronicling her own journey through the book . Kathy has been with 6D Living since its earliest days and her commitment to her health inspires us all to keep moving forward. After losing over 200 pounds by following a plant-centric lifestyle, Kathy guidance in our book clubs exploring How Not To Diet by Dr Greger comes from experience - she truly know how NOT to diet! In January, Kathy will moderate a new book club which will do a deep dive into Fiber Fueled by Dr Bulsciewicz.

Marianne Rose

Marianne is one of two facilitators for our new group Connections. She is a licensed psychotherapist (retired), eating disorder specialist, clinical supervisor and founder of Holistic Approaches to Recovery Treatment (HART), a State-funded co-occurring outpatient program. Marianne's knowledge and experience with treating addictions and eating disorders provides our community a profound well of knowledge about our own struggles and with her guidance many in the community have found understanding and strength to battle their own addictions.

Michelle Ray

Michelle is one of two facilitators for our new group Connections. She is a trained medical professional, specialising in Medical Dosimetry and Physics, who has worked in Radiation Oncology for thirty years. Michelle's medical knowledge provides a solid foundation for our community when we wish to understand the body and what is happening within. Moreover, Michelle is open - to all things, and she is open to them all with love and understanding. Her commitment to supporting and encouraging community members has helped many to learn and feel hope. 

Robin Saul

Robin is the moderator of our 6D Living facebook page as well as a 6D Book Club moderator for Atomic Habits. She is a registered dietician, specializing in nutritional knowledge in the areas of gastroenterology, food intolerances and allergies, gerontology and recipe development. Robin brings a wealth of nutritional knowledge to our community and generously shares that with us all and helps to guide us to make more optimal choices for our lives. Robin finds the most interesting articles and shares them with us on facebook and her book club exploring Atomic Habits would be a life changing/transforming experience for all who will join her.

Andrea Mullin

Andrea is our yoga instructor, offering guidance through videos on our YouTube channel beginning with breathwork and meditation all the way to dynamic flow practice. Yoga has been practicing yoga since she was a small child - and even possibly from the womb as her mother is also a master yogi. Andrea provided yoga sessions for all who visited Greece last May for our Greek Retreat and worked with everyone in the house to ensure they could join the practice. Her videos provide options for both chair and mat practice so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of regular yoga practice.

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