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Recipe Replay! Tangy Picadillo - this little gem makes everything taste better!!

A delicious recipe from 6D Living for your kitchen creations

Simple, fresh and full of tasty nutrients, this little dish is an excellent choice to always keep stocked in the refrigerator. Served on its own, as a salsa or as a side-dish, this creation is packed with flavor and nutrition - play around with the ingredients and create your own version of the Tangy Picadillo for your own kitchen!


With basic ingredients like cucumber, tomato, turmeric root, spring onion, and pomegranate seeds and minimal prep time, this fresh dish is a lovely companion to a wide variety of other dishes, such as brown rice, black bean dip, fresh salads or atop a baked potato.

To see the complete recipe, please click here.

Note: this post was originally published in 2021

Be well.


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