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2 C White Onion (diced)

2 Stock Cubes (not pictured in ingredients photo)

2 Lime Citrus Cubes (not pictured in ingredients photo)

5 Garlic Cloves (fresh-diced)


3 C Black Beans (rinsed-not soaked)*

1/2 C Dehydrated Yeast (fortified with B12)

3 C Water

2 TBSP Oregano

1 TBSP Cumin

2 tsp Hot Chili Powder


1 C Cashew Cream

1 C Cilantro (fresh-chopped)


  • Saute Onion, Garlic, Lime Citrus Cubes and Stock Cubes until the onions are clear
  • Add all remaining ingredients (except Cashew Cream and Cilantro)
  • Pressure Cook* on High for 35 minutes and allow the pressure to release naturally
  • Add the Cashew Cream and blend with a hand blender (to desired consistency)
  • Gently fold in the Cilantro
  • Store in the refrigerator in an air-tight container for up to 15 days


*Using an InstantPot - cooking times using other cooking methods will vary

Black Bean Dip

  • There is nothing to purchase/download. The FREE instructions are found in the description.

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