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Recipe Replay! Kale Chips - an easy way we can all follow for a yummy snack option

Snacking is perhaps one of the 'trickier' parts of living a plant-centric lifestyle. We miss the crunch of a cracker but do not want the impact of salt, oil or sugar in our snack choices. Below you will find a recipe for an SOS-free, whole plant, crunchy snack option!

THANK YOU to Devra and Barbara for helping this recipe come to life. I am hopeless with recipes and with their assistance we can finally share the magic of kale - in a most deliciously nutritious and CRUNCHY way!

Feel free to play with the spices you use for your kale chips and please share some of your creations with us so we can all explore the diverse flavor combinations together! You can share your recipes in the comments below or on our facebook page!


1 large bundle of fresh purple kale. The more purple food we can eat, the better.

1 large bundle of fresh curly green kale

Onion powder

Garlic powder

Black pepper

Mustard powder

½ Cup lemon juice

Use as much or as little - or even different - spices for your chips.


Creating the Flavor (see photos above)

  1. Wash the kale, however you wash your vegetables, and rinse well. There is no need to dry.

  2. Pull the kale leaves from the stems and tear into pieces. Place the leaves in a big bowl. Set the stems aside for another use.

  3. Add a hoofta (Greek for a big handful) of the kale to a steamer basket. Steam the kale, in multiple batches, for 3 minutes. Use the amount that fits in your steamer without stuffing it in. You are watching for the purple kale to turn dark, the green kale to turn a brighter green. Do not overcook, you just want it soft.

  4. Dump out the water. Steaming removes the oxalates from the kale so you do not want to use the broth.

  5. Add all the cooked kale to a big bowl.

  6. Add the spices, any combo, any amount. You can mix the spices with the lemon juice for easier spreading over the leaves.

  7. Toss everything together and mix well. The spices will stick to the wet kale.

Creating the Chips (see photos above)

  1. Spread the leaves on multiple dehydrator trays in a single layer.

  2. Dehydrate* at 115 degrees Fahrenheit for 12-17 hours. Check the leaves after several hours and rotate the trays, top to bottom, to help with even drying.

  3. When the kale is dry and crispy, scrape the leaves from the trays into a big bowl.

  4. Allow the kale to cool completely.

How to keep your yummy chips safe!

  • Store covered in an airtight glass container.

  • You can keep this on your counter or in a cupboard.

These will go fast! Enjoy!

*If you do not have a dehydrator, you can google how to make kale chips in an oven.


Be well

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