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Recipe Replay! Chocolate Mousse

Raw, plant-based and kind to the environment - indulge yourself with this nutritious dessert from Dana Gunders in her book Waste-Free Kitchen*.

No need to throw out those old avocados - this recipe transforms those brown spots into a smooth, rich chocolaty mousse that is perfect if you have a few fresh strawberries lying around that need a dip! Full of fiber, nutrients and yummy goodness - dessert is now a must at every meal! That is, if it wasn't already!!

Dana Gunders' book is full of excellent ideas for us all to waste less in our kitchens - from recipes to cleansers, her ideas are easily achieved and can help our world and our lives more than we realize.


With a fresh strawberry and a bit of Mango Sorbet (pictured above), this mousse is heavenly! This nutrient dense dessert is packed with vitamins, minerals, fiber and anti-oxidants - it is a powerhouse of a option with which to bring any WFPB meal to a delicious close. Happy days indeed! And when you consider how many 'icky' brown avocados you will no longer be throwing away, the entire world is happy.

To see the complete recipe, please click here.

*A link to Dana Gunders' Waste-Free Kitchen are provided on the recipe page. It is an informative book that serves as a poignant reminder how truly connected our nutritional choices can impact other living beings, including our living planet Earth.

Be well.


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