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NHA Virtual Conference - Are Genes Our Destiny, or Can We Take Control of Our Health?

Do heart disease, diabetes and cancer run in your family? You can reduce your risk of these illnesses by following a whole food, plant-based diet and improving your lifestyle.

Maybe you've thought about making a change, but you're not sure where to start.

Ask most anyone what stops them, and they will say the greatest challenge is knowing where to begin. Who do they listen to? What books do they read? What documentaries can provide information that will give them the strategies to fast-track their health? What is safe and what is hype? In answer to these questions and more, you are invited to join in on the ... NHA 2024 Virtual Conference -June 27 – 30, 2024

This is a unique opportunity to learn from leading experts in the plant-based industry.

Speakers include:

Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn

Dr. Neal Barnard

Drs. Ayesha & Dean Sherzai

Dr. Laurie Marbas

Anne & Jane Esselstyn

Dr. Joel Fuhrman

Chuck Carroll

Dr. Stephan Esser

Dr. Greg Fitzgerald

Dr. Alan Goldhamer

Dr. Frank Sabatino

Dr. Ron Weiss

Cathy Fisher

Jason DeSalvo

And other experts

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER TODAY and take the first step towards a healthier, plant-based lifestyle.


The mission of the National Health Association (NHA) is to educate and empower individuals to understand that health results from healthful living. We recognize the integration of all aspects of health: personal, environmental, and social. We communicate the benefits of a plant-based diet, exercise and rest, a healthy environment, psychological well-being, and the benefits of water-only fasting.

We take a leadership role in advocating health freedom issues and have done so now for 76 years.

In 1948, the American Natural Hygiene Society (ANHS) was established in New York City by pioneering figures including Drs. Herbert Shelton, William Esser, and others. The ANHS inaugural National Convention took place in 1949, marking a milestone in its journey. Throughout the years, ANHS continued to expand its influence, with significant milestones such as the formation of the Natural Hygiene Press in 1964 and achieving nonprofit status in 1969. Dr. Shelton's profound impact on the movement is evident in the publication of his seminal work, "Fasting Can Save Your Life."

The ANHS’s evolution saw shifts in leadership and headquarters, culminating in its name change to the NHA and the relocation to Youngstown, Ohio, under the leadership of President Mark Huberman in 2014. Today, under the guidance of Executive Director Wanda Huberman, the NHA remains committed to its mission of promoting natural hygiene principles and holistic health practices.


Be well


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