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MFP 'On The Road' with Tiffany Wilkerson! Yup, she did the program on her vacation!

We could not believe it when Tiffany told us that she had decided to do a Modified Fasting Program whilst on vacation! In a car!! AND! She followed the protocol perfectly - even getting in movement, breathing and meditation time. Tiffany is a true warrior for her health.

Tiffany was registered to do a Modified Fasting Program and then realized that her family had planned a vacation during that time. What would you do? Well, Tiffany stayed committed to her promise to herself and took the program 'On The Road'!! Find out how it went, in her own words and with her own photos ... Thank you Tiffany for your generosity in sharing this experience with us all.


I’ll be the first to tell you that there were many reasons why I could have delayed Sia’s Modified IF Program while traveling, but there was one reason stronger than the others - my voice. My first fasting experience with this program was nothing short of amazing. It was then that I truly developed an entirely new understanding/definition of what real fasting is…and I’m still excitedly learning. For me, it was a life changing experience that I wanted again…even if it meant during family vacation travel.

First up, planning and preparation were the goals. I prepped quite a bit of my required food in advance labeling everything. It was a help to have all meals/broth/seeds/fruit/salad perfectly portioned for a quick grab when necessary. We were close to a grocery store, but I prepped as if that wasn’t an option to be thorough.

My travel cooler was packed with ice in our car keeping everything fresh until we arrived at our destination. To be safe, I even packed a few extra of everything. I purchased a special lunch box large enough to include all meals for the day incase sightseeing kept me away from our lodging. My meals(and water) were attached to my hip at all timed - and I loved it!

We chose to do a few lighter activities during the water fasting days, and I felt wonderful. Water becomes your best friend, embrace the dynamic relationship. Some would probably say that fasting takes away from vacation. I’d have to say that is incorrect. Spending quality time with family is what truly matters, significant conversations, experiencing new adventures in a different environment. Those are the things that matter, not necessarily the food. To be quite honest, that focused quality time with my family only strengthened my reason for staying the course. Allowing my body to become the best it can be not only for myself but my family as well, that supersedes every excuse you can think of. Thank you, Sia, for your program that not only challenges us physically, but mentally as well. We CAN do difficult things whether in convenient or inconvenient times. The beautiful result is that we come out stronger and “stretched” at the finish line. I thank you for creating this, and I’m looking forward to many more fasting experiences with you. A friend of fasting, Tiffany


If you have ever had the opportunity to meet Tiffany, you will see why she is described as a “Plant-Based Gardener,” whose zeal to plant as many seeds of nutritional health and awareness is second to none. With some rooted knowledge watered with life application, her desire is for everyone to blossom and grow into a better quality of life through food.

She first began her transition in 2010 upon losing one of the most important people in her life, her grandmother, Dorothy, to Stage 4 Colon Cancer. After her passing, it was when Tiffany immediately knew that her life must change, nutritionally. Committed to this very new way of living a whole plant lifestyle, she immersed herself (and continues to do so) in plant-based learning.

Proudly, she continues to expand her knowledge of plant-based nutrition. Tiffany is a Licensed Food For Life Instructor with the Physicians For Responsible Medicine. She is a graduate of the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies from eCornell University earning a Plant-Based Certification and received her Culinary Plant Based Certification from Rouxbe Forks Over Knives Culinary School. She has also obtained her Certified Health/Wellness Coach Certification with an emphasis on Lifestyle Medicine from WellCoaches as well as completing her Culinary Coaching Certification Program from Harvard University.

Instagram: @Invite Plants 2 Every Meal

Facebook: Invite Plants to Every Meal



Be well


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