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Plant Based Academy - Jeanne Schumacher is a force for good health and wellness for us all!

Do you want to feel better? Take control of your health while losing weight. Change your food. Transform your health. Learn to live a Whole Food Plant Based Lifestyle instead of "fad" dieting. Most diseases are food-borne, and many can be reversed or prevented.


Begin the Journey -  Join the Plant Based Academy Network

Exploring a new lifestyle -

​This program gives you the tools to gain better health while losing weight.

Whole Food Plant Based - Salt, Oil, Sugar Free - Eat to satiation

A lasting journey -

Let's start from the very beginning.  A very good place to start.

We have to unlearn most of what we were taught about food and the role it plays in our health.



The Academy Network is a program to educate you on changing to a whole food plant based lifestyle. 

These plans are delivered digitally and furthered with live coaching and support each week to give you everything you need to succeed — quickly.  You will be guided through interactive lessons focusing on the application and benefits of your transformation journey.   Each module is sequenced, so there’s no rush, and you’re never overwhelmed.

Each week, you’re fully supported with an educational coaching call to support you on your journey to your health transformation, as well as group support through an exclusive group.

As you work your way through the program at your own pace, you will cover a  wide range of topics relating to this lifestyle.  We connect through an exclusive group on Facebook. This will be your support as you connect with others who are undergoing the same journey as you. You will share recipes & photos of what you are preparing, cheer on each other's victories, and be there to support one another. It is a positive, safe, and nurturing environment to help guide you on your plant-based journey.


About Jeanne Schumacher, M.A., Ed.D.

Jeanne earned her doctorate in science and education and has taught chemistry, biology and environmental science for over thirty years. She is a firm believer in "walking the walk" and is committed to inspiring people to change their health destiny through a whole-foods, plant-based lifestyle as well as reducing toxins in their lives.

She has followed a plant-based diet since 2009 and has become a motivational speaker and educator as well as an advocate for living toxic free. Jeanne has successfully earned her Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate through e-Cornell - Center for Nutritional Studies, completed the coursework from Dr John McDougall on the Starch Solution and has completed many courses through The Wellness Forum from Dr Pam Popper.


Be well


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