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A new test for prostate cancer which may save unnecessary biopsies!

Urine Test Could Prevent Unnecessary Prostate Biopsies - Dr Pierre Margent

What follows are excerpts from an artivle on Medscape - to read the full article and perhaps save yourself or a loved one from an unnecessary and invasive medical procedure, please click here, thank you.

"To date, men undergoing screening through the measurement of prostate-specific antigen (PSA) levels have had a significant reduction in neoplastic mortality. Because of its low specificity, however, this practice often leads to frequent, unnecessary, invasive biopsies and the diagnosis of low-grade, indolent cancer. While guided biopsies with multiparametric MRI can improve the diagnosis of grade 2 prostate cancers, widespread implementation remains challenging. The use of non-invasive biomarkers to stratify the risk for prostate cancer may be a more practical option."


"Existing biomarkers have reduced selectivity in detecting high-grade prostate tumors. This lower performance has led to the development of a new urine test including, for the first time, markers specifically overexpressed in high-grade prostate cancer. This new MPS2 test has a sensitivity of 95% for high-grade prostate cancer and a specificity ranging from 35% to 51%, depending on the subgroups. For clinicians, widespread use of MPS2 could greatly reduce the number of unnecessary biopsies while maintaining a high detection rate of grade 2 or higher prostate cancer."


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