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ZOOM 7:00amPST/10:00amEST

Wisdom Walks - NHA Podcasts - Facilitated by Sia Hurst

We meet every Wednesday at 7:00am PST - 10:00am EST - beginning 13 March through 12 June. Weekly attendance is NOT required - join when you can and we will all learn, move and chat together. All members of our 6D Living community are welcome to join us!

Wisdom Walks - NHA Podcasts - Facilitated by Sia Hurst
Wisdom Walks - NHA Podcasts - Facilitated by Sia Hurst

Time & Location


ZOOM 7:00amPST/10:00amEST


About the event

Each week, on Wednesday, we will meet on zoom as a community to Walk with Wisdom together. This FREE weekly event is open to all 6D Living Members and there is absolutely no obligation to attend each week. By completing the RSVP registration below, you will receive further details, weekly reminders as well as the all important log in details to join us!

We will connect for each meeting via zoom and I will share the audio of the podcast with everyone via my computer. We will be able to see one another in the zoom room and chat in the zoom chat. 

You are not required to walk! We only ask thay you be moving whilst listening to an edifying podcast, for how long and in which way you choose to move is completely up to you. 

After the podcast some may stay connected for a brief discussion about what we just learned and about how our walk/movement went as well. Our zoom chat room will be open during and after the podcast for those who have the unique ability to move and type at the same time and want to discuss what we are learning together in real time.

Our brains are more likely to retain more information when we are active whilst listenting as the combination of activities 'lights up' more areas in our brains. Food for Thought!

Some Ideas for Moving whilst Learning Together (this is not a complete list, just some ideas!)

  • Walking - on a treadmill or outside (or runnning!)
  • Row machine 
  • Elliptical machine
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Strength-Training
  • Stretching 
  • Breathwork
  • Dancing
  • Any combination of movements you enjoy!

During our Wisdom Walks on Wednesdays we will experience a connection of our Intellectual, Physical and Intersentient Dimensions all in the space of an hour! All the podcasts are under an hour so there will always be some time to have a good chat together each week as well. 

Wisdom Walks

Weekly on Wednesdays @ 7:00am PST – 10:00am EST

First Walk on 13 March 2024 - Last Walk on 12 June 2024 

International Virtual Event (via Zoom)

Cost - FREE (with no obligation to attend every week)

PLEASE NOTE: You only need to RSVP one time to be included in the group email reminders for the entire 14 weeks. If there are any changes to meetings (ie unexpected cancellations), all who RSVP will receive an email and there will be a notice posted on our 6D Facebook page.

During our weekly 'walks', we will be listening to a podcast from the NHA*

The Health Science Podcast

Host: Dr. Frank Sabatino

The Health Science Podcast is brought to you by the National Health Association (NHA) championing the Gold Standard of a Whole Plant-Food Diet and Lifestyle Since 1948. The NHA’s Mission is to educate and empower individuals to understand science-backed results from an integration of all aspects of health; personal, environmental, social, and the animals. All of our experts subscribe to a whole food, plant-based nutrition, no SOS lifestyle and take a leadership role in advocating for healthy living and social justice." - from the NHA Website

Podcast Titles

These are not listed in any particular order. You will receive an email one week before our first Wisdom Walk with the finalized schedule, including the order of the podcasts so that you are able to chooose which Wednesdays to join us.

The Fiber Miracle to Heal Your Gut with Dr. Will Bulsiewicz

You’re Not the Problem… The Food Is with Dr. John McDougall

Reversing Disease by Redefining Medicine with Dr. Neal Barnard

Unleashing the Power of Plant-Based Living: A Conversation with Dr. Stephan Esser

The Ethics of Veganism with Dr. Lisa Kemmerer

Plant-Based is About Progress Not Perfection with Kim Campbe

Chef Ramses Bravo on Water Fasting and Plant-Based Eating at TrueNorth Health Center

The Whole-Person Approach: Dr Wayne Dysinger's Blueprint for Health

The Ahimsa of Living with Harmony with John Pierre

A Plant-Strong Love of the Elderly Population with Angela Fischetti

Listen on Your Favorite Channel

Only 6D Members may RSVP to this event. If you are a member, please sign into your account prior to completing the registrations process. For those who are NOT CURRENTLY 6D MEMBERS - no worries! In the navigation bar at the top of this page you will see 'Log In/Become a Member (Free!)'. Click on this link to set up your account. There is no charge to become a 6D Member. This extra step allows us to be sure you are actually a human being so we thank you in advance for your understanding.

*These podcasts and event image are shared with the permission of the NHA.

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