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Recipe Replay! Baked Cauliflower - cruciferous goodness with a punch!

This Miso Baked Cauliflower dish is a spicy addition to any plant-based meal. Getting creative with this cruciferous goodie is easy and often surprisingly delicious!!

Whole Food Plant-Based Ingredients* include Garlic, Sweet Miso Paste, Tahini, Lemon Citrus Cubes, Mustard, Turmeric and a plethora of tasty and spicy herbs and spices.

Whether you slice the cauliflower head into thick steaks and serve them with a fresh green salad or break it into florets and serve over rice - this is a delicious way to get your daily cruciferous servings. Truly, the cauliflower is one of the most versatile vegetables, from pizza crusts to hearty steaks, there is just no reason not to get this liver boosting veggie into your life.


To see the complete recipe*, please click here.

Note: this post was originally published in 2021

Be well.


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