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Vegan Posse interviews Sia Hurst from 6D Living

We are grateful to Chrissy Benson for including 6D Living in her wonderful Vegan Posse podcast series.

"As a vegan, do you ever feel like you're living in a parallel universe? If so, you're not alone! We interview vegans from around the globe who, like you, are living lives of integrity and compassion, with an eye toward justice.

Through their personal stories, you'll come to that you're not an outlier; in fact, you're part of an entire posse of individuals who aren't just keeping the peace, they're creating it through their food choices and beyond.

You won't be saddling up, but you're in for the ride of your life! Welcome to the Vegan Posse." - Chrissy Benson

My time with Chrissy was enjoyable and she had an amazingly kind way of allowing me to share my story authentically and without feeling nervous. I am eternally grateful for the opportunity.


Be well


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