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Solutions to a Healthy Lifestyle - Chef Bravo interviews Sia Hurst

6D founder Sia Hurst joined Chef Ramses Bravo's new course entitled Solutions to a Healthy Lifestyle as a guest speaker to share ideas about how to find balance, community, support & encouragement whilst transitioning to or continuing with a plant fueled lifestyle.

In his new course, Chef Bravo and guest experts tackle your biggest healthy lifestyle challenges, including emotional eating, unsupportive family, ordering healthy meals at a restaurant, solutions for sleeping problems and much, much more.



Some of the topics Chef Bravo tackles in simple, straightforward solutions and entertaining explanations include:

  • Transforming cravings

  • Simple techniques to boost flavor

  • Ordering healthy at restaurants

  • Neutralizing emotional eating

  • Smart food cost solutions

  • Picking produce and keeping it fresh

  • Keeping control without willpower

  • Navigating unsupportive family

  • Resolving feeling like a fraud

  • Knowing exactly what problem to tackle first.


Plus expert guest deep dives with some of the best minds in the health space:

  • Mis en Place and Mindfulness with Curtis Eaton

  • All about Nightshades with Dr. Csilla Veress

  • The importance of sleep with Dr. Shelby Harris

  • The Wizard Sandwich with Heidi Crockett

  • Melting Shame with Heidi Crockett

  • How to build a support system with Kathy Taylor

  • 6D Living program with Sia Hurst

  • Immune Health with Dr. Csilla Veress

  • Skin care from the inside out with Dr. Jessica Krant

  • The B+ diet with Judi Finneran

  • Calorie Density with Chef AJ

Note: This post was originally published in 2022


Be well


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