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Healthy Cooking with Shayda - Hangin' and Movin' with John Pierre

Full disclosure: Shayda is one of my best friends and I love her dearly - Sia

"Hi, my name is Shayda and I'm the host and creator of Healthy Cooking with Shayda! I have seen first hand what eating a plant based diet has done for me as well as others. I have lost over 115lbs with a healthy, plant based diet and I have maintained it for well over 11 years.

Now my mission is to help others achieve a healthy lifestyle! During my journey I found many delicious vegan / plant based alternatives to my favorite meals. These meals are easy to make, salt free, oil free, and sugar free, and many are even gluten free.


Below you will find three videos featuring John Pierre with Shayda and be sure to tune in weekly for new videos. Let us support one another in our unique wellness journeys ...

Thank you Shayda and John Pierre for all your hard work and dedication in helping us all live healthier, more active and longer lives!


Be well


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