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Wisdom Explorations - Does Diet Affect Progression Risk After Prostate Cancer?

Join us as we explore a new article/study impacting what we know and how we may choose to live for optimal health and wellness.

"After diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer, men who predominantly consumed plant-based diets had disease progression only half as often as men who did not follow this diet, according to a US cohort study.

Should doctors recommend vegetarian or even vegan diets to their patients in this stage of the disease?" - Medscape Medical News


"What makes this relatively high-profile published study interesting is that it examined whether diet is relevant for the recurrence of prostate cancer in over 2000 men with 6.5 years of follow-up after diagnosis," he continued. "This is a question that patients frequently ask us after surgery: If they can do anything to protect themselves from the disease recurring. And this study shows that eating more plants lowers the risk of progression. This information can be incorporated into counseling patients who inquire about it."


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