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Recipe Replay! Spicy Apricot Ginger - satisfy your sugar cravings with sweet and spicy sauces

Dark Chocolate Sauce - Apricot Goji Ginger Sauce - Tart Caramel Sauce

Simple - Whole - Nutrition

Three part series with recipes, nutritional information and health benefits for each sweet sauce. Be sure to check out the links above for chocolate and caramel sauces!

We hope you enjoy creating the three sweet sauce recipes in this series of posts - kick that processed sugar addiction forever with these fiber packed sweet sauce options!

That's right! You can indulge your sweet tooth AND feed your microbiome - experience plant power for dessert!

Now, are you ready for the real surprise? These three sweet sauces are PACKED with nutrients. You will be most pleasantly surprised to see how much potassium, calcium, iron, vitamin C, B12 and magnesium these little beauties provide.

And as if that were not enough! These sauces are also good mood and energy boosters with their powerful impact on our endocrine and digestive systems. Well, enough with the words - let's get to the sauces! We hope you enjoy creating these in your kitchens!

Yup, your dessert is now a health food! And once a week for the next three weeks we are going to share a new sweet sauce for you to create in your kitchens. This week we are talking about apricot and goji berries and ginger - spicy meets sweet meets tart! Get ready to dig into this sauce with sliced fruit, slather on top of a whole grain cake or ... with a spoon!


Apricot Goji Ginger Sauce

1.5 C Goji Berries (dried)

1 C Apricot (dried)

1/4 C Raw Ginger (diced)

2.5 C Orange Juice (with pulp)

1/2 C Grapefruit Juice (with pulp)

1 tsp Cinnamon Spice

1 tsp Vanilla Pod Powder

1/2 tsp Ginger Powder

  • Place all ingredients into a tall jug and cover with hot water

  • Cover to one inch above date level

  • Soak for three hours

  • Blend with an immersion blender

Add more water if you like a more 'liquid' apricot/goji/ginger sauce


Now let's talk nutrition!


One Cup of Dried Apricots bring you

  • Fiber 9.5 grams

  • Potassium 1510.6 mg (33% DV)

  • Vitamin A 234 micrograms (26% DV)

  • Vitamin B6 o.2 mg (15% DV)

  • Vitamin E 5.6 mg (29% DV)

  • Iron 3.5 mg (44% DV)

  • Magnesium 41.6 mg (12% DV)

  • Copper 0.4 mg (23% DV)

  • Manganese 0.3 mg (16% DV)

  • Phosphorus 92.3 mg (10% DV )

And now, health benefits!

  • High in flavonoids - which work to protect and strengthen blood vessels

  • High in potassium - important for nerve and muscle function

  • Supports healthy blood pressure

  • Protects skin cells from UV damage due to vitamin E content

  • Help to promote good eye health

  • Help promote GIT health and motility

  • Improves microbiome levels

Goji Berries

One Cup of Goji Berries brings your

  • Fiber 11.6 grams (47% DV)

  • Protein 12.8 grams

  • Vitamin C 43.4 mg (73% DV)

  • Calcium 170.2 mg (18% DV)

  • Iron 6.1 mg (77% DV)

Nutrition facts obtained from

Health benefits obtained from



Be well


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