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How to Build a Support System with Kathy Taylor and Chef Bravo

6D Living is honored to share with you Kathy Taylor's story about how she has lost over 200 pounds and removed 14 medications from her body!

Kathy made a commitment to her health a few years ago and her perseverance has led her to an active, joyful and healthy lifestyle. We admire Kathy for many things, but most of all for her generosity in sharing her story and her kindnesses to all who ask her for guidance. She is truly a warrior goddess of health and wellness and we hope you enjoy her story.


Plant-based Miracles .... Kathy's Story

Chef Ramses Bravo, executive chef at True North Health Center in Santa Rosa, CA, asked me to film my weight loss story with strategies for success in building a personal support system. This video is a lesson segment from his new course, “Solutions to a Healthy Lifestyle.”

I was stuck in the Pleasure Trap for decades. Eating a SAD (Standard American Diet) led to morbid obesity and took a terrible toll on my body. I tried hundreds of diets, lost weight for a time, but gained all the weight back and more when I resumed my highly processed food eating habits. In desperation I resorted to weight-loss surgery with disastrous, life-threatening complications. During the many months of convalescence my nephew and his young wife introduced me to the movie Forks Over Knives. That sparked hope in me and made me hungry to learn everything I could about a Whole Food Plant Based lifestyle. I am eternally grateful that by simply eating delicious, colorful, whole food (and lots of it) I lost over 200 pounds and gained an exciting, vibrant new life! - Kathy Taylor



Simple Solutions to a Healthy Lifestyle Course

Join Chef Bravo and guest experts to tackle your biggest healthy lifestyle challenges, including emotional eating, unsupportive family, ordering healthy meals at a restaurant, solutions for sleeping problems and much, much more.

Join Chef Bravo and special guest health experts as they help you tackle your biggest challenges in creating a Healthy Lifestyle.

Note: this post was originally published in 2022


Be well


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