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Green Smoothie Power

We know that we are to eat fresh, leafy greens every day - some doctors recommend up to a pound of leafy greens each day! That is a lot of greens!!

What if you are not a fan of salads? What if you do not have the time to prepare fresh salads every day? How can we get the goodness of fresh, leafy greens in an efficient and portable way?

Never fear - Green Smoothies are here!!

Green Smoothies are indeed the answer! 6D Living considers any smoothie with 50% or more fresh, leafy greens a Green Smoothie. With a smoothie you can easily get up to two cups of greens in every glass - not to mention all the other good stuff in them like berries, flaxseed, ginger and turmeric. Check out Green Smoothie recipes and boost your intake of the life-giving power of fresh, leafy greens.


"Unhealthy lifestyle behaviors associated with increased risk of premature death include things like smoking, and excessive drinking, and not eating enough greens. The best way to get your greens is in whichever way you’ll eat the most of them, and one way to sneak extra greens into your daily diet is with whole food smoothies, a potent blend of good nutrition in a quick, portable, delicious form." - Michael Greger, MD

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So load up on those greens and start drinking your salads!

Your endothelial cells will thank you!


Be well


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