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6D Sama Vritti Meditation with Andrea

Sama Vritti or Box Breathing focusing on the six dimensions.Sama Vritti means same or equal fluctuations in Sanskrit. In practice it is a steady inhalation and exhalation of equal duration. Also introducing kumbhaka ( breath retention) holding the breath at the top of the inhale and at the bottom of the exhale. It is soothing for the mind and body.

The main benefits of this pranayama practice (breathing technique) is to calm and balance the mind, slow down the heart rate , increase oxygen to the brain and reduce anxiety. It’s a great technique to use to ground yourself and energize the body.

Join Andrea for this simple meditation focusing on all six dimensions of our lives. Employing box breathing, she guides us through each breath, each dimension and guides us to identify goals in each dimension.​

Yoga has been an important part of Andreas life for over 30 years. It’s been a constant force of freedom and release helping to make all life’s ups and downs more comfortable. Yoga has helped her feel stronger more flexible and confident both on and off the mat. She completed her training in Vinyasa Yoga over 4 years ago and has opened her own studio. She loves creating imaginative and playful sequences, guiding her students to find space in their bodies , mind and soul. Her classes are a mix of gentle asanas to a more dynamic style that synchronizes movement and breath to find stillness and focus. It is style that is beneficial for all levels of practice. Novice to Master - all are welcome.



Be well


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