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Glasses and Notebook

MFP - Cleanse

Independent Program Download

You can now download the entire MFP Cleanse to experience when it best suits your schedule and with no daily community requirement! We offer you all the materials from our MFP Cleanse program as a download package. 

Our MFP Cleanse is no longer available as a community group program. We have a new MFP protocol for our monthly groups, MFP Reset.

Glasses of Water


Independent Program - Downloadble

10 Days - Whole Plant Nutrition - Intermittent Fasting Practice - Meditation - Breathwork

Articles - Research Studies - Videos - Body Care - Daily Walking - Tibetan Rites

MFP Cleanse Objectives

  • Flush the GI Tract

  • Boost the Immune System

  • Strengthen Liver, Pancreas and Kidneys

  • Improve Microbiome Health

  • Reduce Inflammation

  • Rest and Reboot the Digestive System

  • Quite the Mind in order to Properly Listen to the Body

  • Identify Existing Ideas about Health and Wellness

  • Create New Ideas about Health and Wellness

  • Develop Skills to Move Forward towards Optimal Health and Wellness

Download Package Details

MFP Materials

  • MFP Cleanse Handbook

  • MFP Cleanse Schedule

  • MFP Cleanse Shopping List

  • 6D Metrics Tracker

  • 6D Lifestyle Tracker

6D Informational Documents

  • Blood Glucose, Diabetes and Tumors

  • Cancer, Nutritin and Lifestyle

  • Exalsus Food Continuum

  • Fasting Windows for MFP

  • Intermittent Fasting

  • Meet Your Gut

  • MFP ACV Soda and Lemon Juice

  • Microbiome Imbalances

  • Nutrition for a Healthy Gut

  • Types of Studies Explained

  • Urinary System

Research Studies and more!

MFP Cleanse Tools

  • Pure water

  • Whole Plant Nutrition

  • Daily Intermittent Fasting Practice

  • Breathwork and Abdominal Massage

  • Meditation and RIF Writing

  • Videos, Research and Articles about Health and Wellness

  • Activities for Deep Diving into Our Own Ideas

  • Hygiene which Promotes Optimal Health and Wellness


Before you begin your program, remember that this is a whole plant protocol. No Salt. No Oil. No Sugar. No Animals. No Processed Foods.

Unlike our MFP group programs, a private consultation is not included in the price. Click the link if you would like to book a consultation with Sia Hurst prior to beginning your program. This is a 30 minute private consultation and please note that there is an extra charge.

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