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6D Community Health Challenges

Moderator: Denise Otter

These 30-day health challenges will be offered throughout the year for those who wish to join a community for support and encouragement in reaching their personal health goals.

Each challenge will have a theme (a focus) offers participants access to a moderated private forum. Throughout the 30 days, we stay motivated and supported with daily forum check-ins and weekly Community Zoom calls.

A study found that you have a 65% chance of completing a goal if you tell someone else you’re committing to doing it. And if you have specific check-ins with a partner, your chance of success increases to 95%

You Will Do Big Things


  • We will begin our Lighten Up challenge on June 1st

  • Each participant will receive a guide on how to set yourself up for stress-free success with achievable goals and ‘sticky habits’.

  • Every participant can book a 15-minute one-on-one personal zoom call with Denise to help guide, set goals, and answer any questions or concerns.

  • Each participant will choose ONE action on which to focus for the 30 days

  • Each participant will check in each day (in the private forum) to share their progress

  • Denise will meet you daily in the private forum and weekly at the (optional) Community check-in Zoom calls. You can also expect weekly email nudges on your 30-day journey towards your self-love habit. 

  • All participants are welcome to post photos, videos and stories about how they are doing with their challenge

  • We ask all participants to actively support & encourage others in the community during these 30 days together


About Denise Otter

Having led a project to guide 2000 Duolingo volunteers to host 600+ events weekly worldwide, Denise loves communities and is continuously awed by the transformative power of deep and meaningful connections.


The 6D community holds a special place in her heart — beyond educating and inspiring, it has been a source of support and healing during a period of grief. As our Community Challenge Moderator, she hopes to pass this on and will be moderating our community challenges.

Women Holding Hands

About Lighten Up - BEGINS JUNE 1ST

Do you want to drop some inches off your waist for good? Perhaps you are looking to tone and build muscle as well? Well, then it is time to LIGHTEN UP WITH YOUR 6D COMMUNITY. With Denise Otter as your guide, join this 30-day challenge to 'lighten up' your life.


Join our 6D Community Challenge! Together, we’ll make cultivating body-loving habits fun and attainable.


Every participant is invited to book a 15 minute one-on-one personal zoom call with Denise to help guide, set goals and answer any questions or concerns. 

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