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Online seminars are hosted on the zoom platform

Live seminars are currently on hold due to Covid-19 

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Intermittent Fasting

Topics covered in this 6D Seminar

  • Intermittent Fasting (IF) vs. Prolonged/Medically Supervised Water-Only Fasting

  • Four most common types of IF

  • Health benefits of practicing an IF lifestyle

  • Impact of IF practice on fat storage and fat burning

  • Training – differences between fasting training and fed training

  • Myths surrounding the practice/lifestyle of IF

  • Common mistakes made in IF practice

  • Guidelines for a successful IF practice

  • Recipes for optimal Break-Fasts

  • Recipes for optimal IF practice with WFPB/SOS-free nutrition

Glasses of Water

Join a 6D IF Event!

IF Seminar events are regularly offered and joining is simple. Simply choose the seminar date you prefer and complete the RSVP registration form. We will send you a confirmation email with further details within 48 hours.

Cost: 15 Euros

Check our Explore & Connect page  for upcoming seminars

Female Friends

Create an IF Event!

This options is perfect for those who have a group of people interested in learning about IF together.

To book this option, please connect with us via email ( so we can discuss the details for your group event. We will answer all requests within 48 hours, thank you.

Cost: 15 Euros/Per Participant

Please note that the minimum number of participants for this option is five, thank you.

Online Class

Individual IF Program

This option is perfect for those who may

  • prefer a date/time which is not currently offered in our Community Events listings


  • prefer to experience the seminar in a more personal setting


  • prefer a more intensive program which includes personal IF coaching over a chosen number of weeks

If you would prefer an individualized program, please connect with us via email ( so we can discuss your personal goals, schedule preferences and start date, thank you.

Cost: varies depending on your preferences

"Don’t focus on what you’re giving up but rather on what you’re adding to your life" were the wise words from Sia when I told her last year that I was thinking of going from a vegetarian diet to a vegan. Sia arranged a 3 hour Intermittent Fasting Seminar for a group I organized. She introduced the fundamentals of fasting, we prepared some easy snacks altogether , learned some healthy hacks in the kitchen and then sat down to enjoy our delicious meal.

The organization on Sia’s part was fantastic and She was very patient answering everyone’s questions. We were given a lot of information to take home and read through in our own time. The feedback was very positive and many are still using her recipes.

Through our discussions and Sia sharing her wealth of knowledge she introduced me to personal intermittent fasting coaching. Sia monitored very closely my progress and was on hand to answer all my questions. I was mainly concerned about my energy levels as I lead a busy life- a mum of three and a yoga teacher. Needless to say I’m hooked on the results and can honestly say my personal yoga practice has never been better. My flexibility and stamina have improved often practicing 16 hours into my fast.

Sia has been by my side throughout guiding me and introducing me to recipes and snacks to keep my energy levels high. She’s helped me create an eating program that suits my hectic schedule and offers me the best nutrition.

- Andrea Mullin

Woman with Laptop

2021 Seminars

6D Living is currently developing seminars on the following topics

  • Optimal Gut Health

  • Natural & Organic - Personal Cleansers and Cosmetics

  • Natural & Organic - Household Products

  • Fermented Foods - Health benefits and recipes

  • WFPB Lifestyle - An introduction to the why and how of it all

Click on the button below if you would like to suggest a topic for future exploration in our seminar series, thank you.

You can also get in touch with us at

We look forward to hearing your suggestions and ideas!

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