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What we learned this week from Lisa & Clayton McCarl during our Wisdom Walk

Eco-Seas: Unveiling Unusual Plant-Based Cruises with Lisa and Clayton McCarl

NHA Podcast - Hosted by Dr Frank Sabatino

Wisdom Walks are facilitated by Sia Hurst

NEXT WEEK'S PODCAST - 12 June @7:00am PST (our final WW until the Autumn)

Plant Strong 7-Day Turnaround with Rip Esselstyn

As a recognized authority on the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle, Dr Frank Sabatino has cared for and inspired thousands of people for over 40 years. Dr Sabatino has a PhD in cell biology and neuroendocrinology and has done extensive landmark research on calorie restriction, stress, and aging. He currently is on staff at the TrueNorth Health Foundation in Santa Rosa, CA, and serves as the Director of Health Education at the NHA.


Lisa and Clayton’s journey into the realm of plant-based living began with personal experiences that highlighted the profound impact of dietary choices on health. Lisa’s transition to a vegetarian diet, prompted by witnessing friends battle cancer, sparked the couple’s exploration into plant-based nutrition. 

Clayton’s diagnosis of kidney cancer further solidified their commitment to a whole-food, plant-exclusive lifestyle. Armed with insights from influential works like the China Study and Forks Over Knives, they embarked on a transformative journey towards optimal health.

The McCarls found inspiration and guidance with the NHA. The NHA’s inclusive approach, encompassing diverse perspectives within the plant-based movement, resonated deeply with Lisa and Clayton. Their connection with the NHA ignited a vision to merge their passion for travel with the principles of health and wellness promoted by the association.

Drawing upon their shared love for group travel and a commitment to plant-based living, Lisa conceived the idea of plant-based cruises with complete support from Clayton. Their mission is clear: to curate immersive travel experiences that cater to individuals seeking healthy alternatives while exploring the world’s wonders. Collaborating with the NHA, McCarl Travel set out to revolutionize the travel industry by offering plant-based cruises that prioritized health, wellness, and adventure.

NHA WFPB Travel Group on Facebook

"You are invited to join our NHA/6D WFPB Group cruise featuring Italy and the Dalmatian Coast from March 18 -26, 2025. Sia Hurst, founder of 6D Living, is hosting our NHA WFPB Group on this cruise. She is the author of the article series entitled Food for Thought, published by the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies."

We are grateful to the NHA for allowing us to use their podcasts exclusively for all of our Wisdom Walks. Please consider becoming a member of this amazing organization.


NOTE: Although 6D Living is an official affiliate for the virtual conference, all proceeds will be directly donated to the NHA - 6D will receive no funds from your registration - it all goes to help fund the NHA and its amazing work.


As we were walking and learning together yesterday during our Wisdom Walk, I managed to take a few notes and I would like to share a few of the ideas which impacted me in some way. I am paraphrasing what I heard during the interview - filtered by my own mitote of ideas and thoughts.

I took plenty of notes and really enjoyed the listening to Lisa and Clayton share these amazing travel opportunities with Dr Sabatino - and us all!

  • “Everyone of us can find a way to increase awareness of the health benefits of living a plant-based lifestyle” - Lisa

  • Lisa and Clayton adopted this lifestyle after Clayton's kidney cancer diagnosis and a visit to an NHA conference

  • His diagnosis was deemed age appropriate, though extremely advanced

  • After surgically removing the cancerous kidney, he did not undergo and further treatment like radiation or chemo

  • One year later they both went completely WFPB-SOS free and Clayton's yearly ultrasounds now show that there is no more cancer present in his remaining kidney - and no regrowth or metastasis anywhere else!

  • "Who wants age appropriate?!" - Clayton

  • Lisa and Clayton work closely with the NHA to offer us all amazing travel opportunities with healthy food options that fit our chosen lifestyle

  • "The NHA is a fabulous umbrella organization which embraces all the people in the plant-based movement" - Lisa

  • "They celebrate our common cause and not on our minor differences" - Clayton

  • Lisa and Wanda meet with the chef's every morning to ensure that the food being offered meets NHA guidelines

  • Windstar Cruises has been very receptive to this new idea for their clients and now offer WFPB options on all of their ships

  • These are pleasure cruises and include an amazing variety of on-board activities as well as exciting excursions in the various ports of call

  • Lisa and Clayton mentioned that they have found that those who eat plant-based tend to be more active generally so they are ensure that every cruise offers exciting opportunities to get moving!

  • Entertainment and movement opportunities on-board the ships include live music, water sports platforms, yoga classes, spa treatments as well personal trainers in the gym - they are small but very functional gyms

  • Some ships even provide access to bicycles to tour ports of call

  • Lisa is now working with various other travel agents to help bring these amazing and healthy travel opportunities to more people around the world

  • Perhaps one day there will be an entire ship, with 300 people all eating WFPB!

Thank you to Lisa and Clayton McCarl and Dr Sabatino for a wonderful interview all about how we can now travel and still eat for our health and for getting us moving whilst learning. as well as for the joy and knowledge you continue to share with us all - you have our gratitude.


Each week, on Wednesday, we will meet on zoom as a community for our Wisdom Walk together. This FREE weekly event is open to all 6D Living Members and there is absolutely no obligation to attend each week. We will connect for each meeting via zoom and Sia will share the audio of the podcast with everyone via her computer. We will be able to see one another in the zoom room and chat in the zoom chat.

You are not required to walk! We only ask that you be moving whilst listening to an edifying podcast, for how long and in which way you choose to move is completely up to you. After the podcast, stay connected for a brief discussion about what we just learned together.

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Plant Strong 7-Day Turnaround with Rip Esselstyn

This is our final Wisdom Walk for the summer - we will begin again in the Autumn


Be well


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