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Food for Thought Series: Assessing the Truth Behind Nutrition & Health Claims

The Food for Thought article series is now available on the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies website. This series explores the truths revealed in Whole by Dr. Campbell and how these truths play out in our society, health care system and government policy.

Collaboration with CNS

Sia Hurst is the author of the article series entitled Food for Thought . This series is published by the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies.

"This article series is intended to provide thought provoking quotes from the book Whole in order to encourage discussion amongst its readers."


"What about “alternative facts,” such as the “fact” that animal-based keto diets are safe and healthy options for weight loss? What about the mistruths that go viral in the social bubbles of this instant world, such as the claim that eating manuka honey can boost your immune system? How can anyone know which reality is true? And how do these contradicting “factual” realities collide to impact our health?"

- excerpt taken from the article on the CNS website

NOTE: This post was originally published on our blog in 2021


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