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Fri, Jul 12


ZOOM 4:00pmPST/7:00pmEST

Osteoporosis MY WAY! - Total Body Workout w/Angela Fischetti

Join us for this FREE event focusing on strength training - for all levels - to help us all fight Osteoporosis. This LIVE EVENT on July 12th will be moderated by Kathy Taylor as Angela leads you through an amazing set of compound movement exercises to help your bones!

Osteoporosis MY WAY! - Total Body Workout w/Angela Fischetti
Osteoporosis MY WAY! - Total Body Workout w/Angela Fischetti

Time & Location

Jul 12, 2024, 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM PDT

ZOOM 4:00pmPST/7:00pmEST


About the event

On Friday, July 12th our community will have the priviledge to train with Angela Fischetti - for FREE! Angela is offering us an amazing opportunity to learn how to address something we are all concerned about - Osteoporosis - with a workout designed to work multiple muscle and joint groups together in order to gain the most benefit from our efforts. All are welcome to join as Angela provides guidance for all levels of abilities - she is truly an amazing woman who has dedicated her life to helping 'people of a certain age' become stronger and live longer, healthier lives.

In her own words ...

"Osteoporosis, My Way is a Total Body Workout done in a Super Set fashion. I will be presenting one of the many workouts I did and continue to do, which contributed to the downgrading of Osteoporosis to age-appropriate osteopenia. I will begin with an introduction that includes the listing of over a dozen chronic health concerns. This is the most important part of the 8-exercise program as this is where the modifications will be demonstrated so that EVERYONE can join us to become stronger!

It will then be up to each of you to decide how to apply these modification suggestions to the actual workout. Together, we will work on the 8 exercises, vertically, without added resistance, as a warm-up. This will help those with chronic concerns, who are new to strength training or are new to exercise in general.

Following the warm-up is the Super Set approach, working 2 different exercises, back-to-back, without rest. It will be broken down into 4 blocks of 2 exercises, each. This will help those who are more experienced in strength training and all of this will be reviewed during our class together. All of the exercises are designed to benefit Activities of Daily Living - making it possible for all of us to DO more in our normal lives without fear of pain."

Osteoporosis My Way

Friday, July 12th @ 4:00pm PST – 7:00pm EST

Our class will last about 40 minutes with time afterwards for questions

International Virtual Event (via Zoom)

Cost - FREE!

Super Set Exercises

  • Sumo Squats; Bent Over One Arm Back Rows
  • Romanian Deadlifts; Plank Poses
  • Lateral Lunges; Straight Arm Push Backs aka Straight Arm Press Backs
  • Deadlifts; Hammer Curls

Accessories for all participants to have for our class together

  • Sticky Yoga Mat
  • Workout Bench-a sturdy chair will do provided it does not have wheels or arms
  • A variety of weights; you choose how heavy your weights will be for the class (Angela will be working with 8-25 pound weights!)

About Angela Fischetti

"Angela Fischetti is a virtual physical fitness and yoga instructor and on-site licensed massage therapist specializing in wellness for older adults. She began teaching seniors in her 30's -  at a time when she embarked on her own difficult healing journey. Over three decades later, a senior herself, Angela combines years of experience and research with a unique combination of empathy and encouragement for older adults seeking a healthier lifestyle. She researches the latest findings in senior fitness and consults with each client’s medical practitioners for tailored workouts.

As a licensed massage therapist, Angela also works with geriatric patients with memory and other delicate disorders who benefit from gentle touch and movement in palliative care. Angela is proud of her services to the vegan and whole foods plant-based platforms to which she is a provider of strength training and yoga videos. They are tailored to those with chronic concerns thus making these movement modalities accessible to all.

Based in the Fort Lauderdale area, Angela has served South Florida clients for over 20 years. Brooklyn-born with a background in Shakespearean theater and a life-long passion for song, Angela is also a devoted companion to felines."

About Kathy Taylor

"Kathy is a graduate of the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies. She switched from a SAD diet to plant-based and has since lost over 200 pounds and removed 14 medications from her life. Kathy has completed multiple Book Clubs & Modified Fasting Programs with 6D. Kathy now moderates a variety of 6D Book & Video Club groups of her own.

She has agreed to host and moderate this amazing opportunity for us all to train with Angela Fischetti. Kathy's own journey is a testament to perseverance and her committment assures us all there is nothing we cannot do - we simply need to find the guidance to do it safely and then we can all become stronger, healthier and live longer through pure plant-based living and training - in a safe and supportive community."

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