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FNH Seminar! Beautiful Sugar Beets - One Powerful Plant - Four Delicious Dishes! Explore their magic!

Updated: Apr 8

We hear a lot about the power of the humble sugar beet and we endeavor to reduce and refine its phyto-power so we can boost our health and wellness. But why reduce this beautiful plant? Why not use the WHOLE PLANT?!

Taking six sugar beets, with their beautiful greens attached, you can create three amazingly delicious, powerfully nutritious and most importantly totally WHOLE PLANT dishes. No reductionism in our kitchens! All you need is a cutting board, a knife and a food grater.

Are you ready? Let's create with beets!

Raw-Shredded Beetroot for Salads

Boiled Beetroot

Beet Greens


We hope you enjoy creating the three recipes below and find deliciously, nutritiously creative ways to use them - and yes, please share your own creations and how to get this amazing power into our bodies, thank you.

Raw-Shredded Beetroot for Salads

Clean/Wash the beetroot

Cut into halves

Use a kitchen grater to shred beetroot

Place in glass container and store covered in the refrigerator

*Optional: top shredded beetroot with ACV and Miso

Boiled Beetroot

Clean/Wash the beetroot

Cut into quarter

Boil until desired softness (add some ACV to the water)

Drain/Rinse and place in a glass container

Cover with ACV mixed with 1 tsp Miso

Store in an airtight container in the refrigerator

Beet Greens

Clean/Wash the beet greens

Cut into smaller pieces

Boil until desired softness (add some ACV to the water)

Drain/Rinse and place in a glass container

Cover with ACV

Store in an airtight container in the refrigerator

*Optional: toss with diced garlic before storing in the refrigerator


These weekly recipe blog posts provide you the 'how' for creating some good food – join us at our seminar to learn about the 'why' for these ingredients and combinations. We will deep dive into the nutritional components, their impact on our bodies and how it all comes together in helping us to obtain optimal health and longevity.

Weekly Recipes explored during our seminar on 13 April

  • Allium Combos (blog publication date Tuesday 19 March)

  • Sugar Beets (blog publication date Tuesday 26 March)

  • Marinated Tempeh (blog publication date Tuesday 2 April)

  • Marinated Chili Peppers (blog publication date Tuesday 9 April)

What is included for those who register for our Probiotic Powerhouses Seminar

  • Seminar e-Book (both digital and downloadable formats)

  • Recipes from the blog posts

  • Bonus variations on those recipes - not posted in the blog posts

  • Nutritional Benefits/Nutrient Profile for all ingredients in the recipes

  • Physiological Impact of these nutrients on our health

This seminar offering is a culmination of four recipe blog posts which provided the how of creating nutritiously delicious creations. During our seminar we will do a deep dive into the why of it all -  with the hope of turning our knowledge into wisdom.




BONUS! Here is what Dr Greger has to share about beetroot!

Check out what Dr Greger has to say about the humble whole beet - and you may agree that creating our nutrition from the WHOLE PLANT and nothing but the WHOLE PLANT is always the optimal choice for our lives.

"Nitrate supplements with names like “Hellfire”—although they can work, their long-term safety is questionable. Non-vegetable sources of nitrates may have detrimental health effects; so, if we want to improve our performance, we should ideally obtain nitrates from whole vegetables. The industry knows this, so instead markets an array of nitric oxide-stimulating supplements. However, there is little or no evidence of a performance improvement following supplementation with these so called NO boosters. The evidence is with the vegetables." - taken from the transcript


Be well


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