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Programs and Classes

Scroll down to learn about programs and classes NOT offered by 6D Living. These programs and classes are offered by a variety of people and institutions for which we have great respect and trust in the quality of their programs.

We encourage you to continually seek out knowledge - with us here at 6D and with others in our amazing community around the world. The more we know, the better we are able to live optimally healthy lives.

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Our Community of Knowledge


Beautiful Chopped Salads

Tami Kramer

Tami Kramer’s Beautiful Chopped Salad Course includes a complete full color 40+ page recipe PDF eBook and 12 instructional videos. In the course Tami will teach you how to batch prep salads, what to shop for, and tips to ensure that your stored salads will last for a week. She will share different methods for chopping salads, and all the details about how she tops these beauties.  Included are 25 different ways to top a chopped salad, 5 oil free salad dressings, gluten free croutons and crunchy toppings, hummus, salsa’s and more!  Please enjoy the course videos at your own pace. There are approximately 2 1/2 hours of instruction spread over the 12 individual topic videos. When completed you will be well on your way to enjoying these beautiful chopped salads as often as you wish, perhaps even daily as Tami does.

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Batch Cooking

Tami Kramer

The "Batch Cooking With Tami" course teaches the "What, When, Why, and How" of batch cooking, to support your quest to live a healthy whole food plant based life style. The course contains a 108 page eBook & course guide that includes 50 of Tami's recipes. There are 10 lesson modules containing 32 videos totaling over 15 hours of comprehensive instruction. Batch cooking concepts, techniques, and stratagies as well as specific recipe demos are all part of the course. The eBook is in Module 1 where it can be downloaded to your device by clicking on the paper clip icon. in the corner of your screen.

Simple Foundations to Plant-Based Cooking

Chef Ramses Bravo

All while reaping the full benefits of the plant-based lifestyle on your health, the health of your family, on your smaller ecological footprint, and much more. The key word here being: Delicious.

I’m not offering you a way to learn to make food just to stay alive, just to be healthy, or just to save money on groceries. Nope. I’m offering you the knowledge of how to make food that allows you to enjoy life, because it tastes great and it makes YOU feel great.


Advanced Techniques to Plant-Based Cooking

Chef Ramses Bravo

Many more delicious recipes and cooking demonstrations, including some of your most requested ingredients and meal types. A printable recipe booklet and guide for everything in the course! Complete meals combining mains, sides, sauces, and more into complete coordinated entrees that perfectly complement each other.

Diving into the variety of ways to use specific ingredients like lentils, garbanzos, grains, potatoes. BRAND NEW – “The Bridge Diet” section to make it easier to eat plant-based while still cooking for omnivorous family members and guests at the same time! Simple and easy 'ONE POT MEALS' and more!


Solutions to a Healthy Lifestyle

Chef Ramses Bravo and Guests

Join Chef Bravo and special guest health experts as they help you tackle your biggest challenges in creating a Healthy Lifestyle.
Achieve your health goals easier than ever with simple solutions to stubborn problems, including emotional eating, navigating unsupportive family situations, ordering healthy meals at a restaurant, sleeping problems and much more.


Plant-Based Certificate

T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutritional Sutdies

The Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate is powered by renowned online education provider, eCornell. Cornell University’s online learning platform provides online professional and executive development to students around the world. They offer more than 100 award-winning professional certificate programs in a wide variety of disciplines.

starch solution.jpg

The Starch Solution

Dr. McDougall

Successful completion of this course certifies that you’ve learned the basic principles behind the McDougall Diet – a clinically proven means of weight management that can reverse or prevent many common illnesses, all by simply altering your food. As experience is always the best teacher, this program is first and foremost designed to get you looking and feeling your best. Having achieved that goal, The Starch Solution Certification Course will help the healthcare professional better assist your patients and the non-healthcare professional with their clients. Certification qualifies you to display the official Starch Solution certification logo at your business and on your website, and establishes your credibility as a knowledgeable graduate of The Starch Solution who understands how this diet relates to optimum health.

american college of lifestyle medicine.jpeg

Become Certified in Lifestyle Medicine Practice

American College of Lifestyle Medicine

Certification in lifestyle medicine indicates that the individual has mastered the science of preventing, treating, and reversing chronic disease in an evidence-based manner with official acknowledgment from the American Board of Lifestyle Medicine or the American College of Lifestyle Medicine.

Lifestyle medicine board-certified physicians, specialists, professionals, and practitioners are recognized as subject matter experts in the field, giving them a hiring advantage for lifestyle medicine-focused organizations and employers. A lifestyle medicine approach is enhanced by using health behavior change coaching skills. Lifestyle Medicine has the power to decrease healthcare spending for both employers and patients, improve overall health outcomes, and activate patient autonomy and motivation for sustainable, lifelong behavior change.

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