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Your life is your creation - your very own masterpiece

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I have done a 24 Day One-on-One Rebuild with Sia as well as a 14 Day Rebuild group program. Both have been extremely beneficial. The personal attention I received in the private sessions set me up for great success physically, mentally and emotionally before I had blood tests and participated in an extended water-only fast at TrueNorth Health Center.

Sia's extensive nutritional knowledge, her calm and caring communication and her genuine concern for my well being gave me confidence and strength to stick with the program.

The 14-day Rebuild with a small group of new friends gave me an instant support system with others interested in improving overall health. Often I feel alone living a Whole Plant Food diet as many social events center around food that is disease promoting. Sia's programs offer a welcome oasis of truth and sharing in our global desert of nutritional awareness.

Kathy Taylor