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Explore the six dimensions (6D) of your life

Create balance between these dimensions

Explore your ideas - Create your reality

Explore your dreams - Create your life

Your life is your creation - your very own masterpiece

Create it with awareness, clarity and kindness


6D Programs and Connections

Zen Stones

6D Balance Program

with Carla Hoffman

Glasses of Water

Modified Fasting Program

with Sia Hurst

Group therapy

Community Connections

with Marianne Rose &  Michelle Ray


6D Book Club - Register Today!


How Not To Diet

with Kathy Taylor


Atomic Habits

with Robin Saul


Undo It!

with Sia Hurst


Fiber Fueled

with Kathy Taylor


20-minute Initial Consultation (free!)

Private Coaching Consultation

You will meet with Carla on zoom to discuss your current health reality, identify some new goals and begin to plan a path forward towards your own optimal health and wellness. This initial consultation is a great way to connect with a qualified Health Coach to see if one-on-one guidance is a good fit for you, your lifestyle and your goals.

From nutrition to fasting to balancing your life, we will discuss your current health practices, your health goals as well as ideas about how to reach them successfully.