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Retreat Schedule

All activities organized for the retreat are optional. Join only the ones in which you are interested. We do hope that you will consider joining in our offered activities in order to connect more profoundly with our community.

We would like to encourage all our guests to practice Intermittent Fasting during their stay with us and have provided meal times for both a 16:8 and an 18:6 protocol.

If you choose to explore other activity ideas and will miss a meal, please inform Sia Hurst so that we can put your portion of the meal aside and keep safe for you to enjoy upon your return from your excursion, thank you.

Program Schedule: Services

Daily Schedule Overview

Our detailed schedule with all workshop and seminar options will be available in April 2023

6:00 Tibetan Rites Practice

6:30 6D Breathwork Meditation

7:00 Yoga - Sun Salutation Practice

8:00 Yoga - Flow Practice

9:00 Interactive Workshop

10:00 Meal #1 (16 hour window)

12:00 Meal #2 or #1 (16/18 hour window)

15:00 Seminar followed by discussion time

17:00 Final Meal (closing feeding window)

19:30 Abdominal Breathwork Practice and Stretching

20:00 Yoga Nidra

21:00 Community Chat - Reflecting on our day

23:00 Quiet time (consider quieting devices as well)

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