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Writing Classes

Fancy yourself a wordsmith? Looking for a way to fine tune your writing skills? Need flexible study times? Then there is an amazing platform which offers the opportunity to learn about and develop writing skills while allowing students the freedom to study from home online!

Nurture your creativity by taking an online writing class with - an online platform that offers a wide variety of writing courses surely to please most wordsmiths.

Scroll down for course options in a variety of writing styles and begin your creative writing adventure today!

"At, we’re passionate about the art and the craft of storytelling. And we want to help others with their practice of writing, whether the goal is clear communication, personal fulfillment or heartbreaking works of staggering genius. Online classes let us cherry-pick the best teachers – all published, working authors – and bring them to computers across the globe. We’ve taught students working on cruise ships and volunteering for remote non-profits, and even one wintering-over high in the Arctic. As a result, we’ve built a vibrant, international community of writers, from beginners discovering their way to seasoned professionals who want to deepen their work and opportunities." - website about page

Please note that 6D Living has no agreement with and receives no compensation for these recommendations -simply put, 6D Living shares information for free, and we hope you will too.


Courses for Novelists

"Our online novel writing courses are here to support you, whether you have a novel idea you're burning to write, a work-in-progress you wish to move forward, or a completed manuscript to polish and refine."

Courses for Short Story Writers

"Develop your craft and tell the stories you're burning to tell, with support from our online short story writing courses. You’ll get personal weekly instructor feedback on your work, ongoing collaboration with other writers, and a supportive course structure that will help you set and meet your writing goals."

Courses for Poets

"Explore and grow as a poetry writer in our online poetry classes. Collaborate with other serious poets, and enjoy direct interaction with and feedback from our award-winning instructors."

Courses for Playwrights & Scriptwriters

"Creative writing for television, film, and theater share many core creative elements with other forms of fiction storytelling—as well as important differences. Whatever your goals for your own stage and broadcast writing, our award-winning instructors and welcoming community are here to help."


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