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What is happening at 6D? Which group is right for me? How can I join the community?!

Updated: Mar 31

6D Living is based on an idea rooted in balance. Here at 6D Living, our goal is to share ideas about how to best balance each of the six dimensions of our lives. To that end, we offer group programs, seminars & workshops, private coaching, book clubs, community support groups and a plethora of information about recipes, ideas, and activities to help us all live more balanced and fulfilling lives.

What are my choices at 6D?

It can be a bit confusing sometimes to find the right group or program to join which will meet your needs and help you to continue your journey of health more optimally. Below you will find a full list of all we offer (at this time!) at 6D to help you find the right place for you in the community. We are a growing community so be sure to always be ready for a new opportunity to join in and connect with us all.


6D Book Club

Reading is an empowering activity. It is especially powerful when it is a shared experience with a community of like-minded people. 6D Book Club brings people together in an international digital community with a common interest in learning about healthy, balanced living.​ At 6D we offer a variety of books with a different moderators.

This is a great place to learn with a community of like-minded people about new ideas regarding how we can both balance our lives and seek optimal health and wellness. These groups are a wonderful source of knowledge, support, encouragement and community connection.

Transitions Community Group

All 6D Living members are welcome to join, regardless of their current dietary habits. We look forward to your joining in and building our community. Transitions is a weekly gathering of community members who want to have the opportunity to share personal experiences, opinions, and strategies about how to thrive in their lives using the six dimensions of 6D Living's philosophy: balance in all things.

This is a good option for those who are new to the plant-based lifestyle and want to learn how best make the changes needed to become healthier and more balanced. Moderator Robin Saul is a kind, knowledgeable and supportive guide through this process.

Modified Fasting Program

With your Moderator Sia Hurst, you will experience 10 Days filled with Whole Plant Nutrition - Daily Meetings - Intermittent Fasting - Meditation - Breathwork - Lectures - Articles - Videos - Body Care - Daily Walking - Tibetan Rites - RIF Writing - Community Support and Encouragement

This is an excellent choice for those already living a primarily plant-based lifestyle and would like to experience ten days of focused nutrition, balance, knowledge and of course, community connection.


This group is for those who wish to stay connected after completing a Modified Fasting Program. This group is designed to provide consistency through a weekly support system built on our shared experiences in the Modified Fasting Program.

Each week participants will come together to share thoughts, feeling, questions and challenges they face in their quest for optimal health and wellness and share tips and ideas about how to stay 'on protocol' in real life!

This is a follow-up program for those who have completed a Modified Fasting Program and with Sia Hurst as your moderator, you can be sure that the guidance is all 'protocol' friendly - just a bit more creative and adjustable to fit your normal lifestyle when not in a program.

6D Free Events and Downloads

In building community we at 6D Living realize that not everyone can join programs or clubs due to the fees. We endeavor to offer a variety of free events and downloads for those on a budget and as a way to ensure that all our members can find a way to become engaged in the 6D Community. We are currently focusing on creating more opportunities like this in the coming year.

Turning Point with Kathy Taylor

This is video club which endeavors us all to find ways to be of service in our communities. Even the smallest things can make big differences. The videos are inspiring accounts of ordinary people who used their talents and passion to effect extraordinary change and bring hope, encouragement, and independence to others in need.

Meet the Week with Sia Hurst

This is a live weekly chat with Sia (on Facebook). We will meet each Monday at 8:00am PST - 11:00am EST for about an hour for a good chat. Let's begin our weeks together! With a nice community connection during which time we can talk about our goals for the week - in all Six Dimensions - and have an opportunity to stay connected as a community.

Join when you can - engage when you want - and connect with us all. See you on Mondays and I am looking forward to some interesting discussions together - and most of all simply staying connected to one another.

Yoga with Andrea Mullin

Yoga has been an important part of Andreas life for over 30 years. It’s been a constant force of freedom and release helping to make all life’s ups and downs more comfortable. Yoga has helped her feel stronger more flexible and confident both on and off the mat. She completed her training in Vinyasa Yoga over 4 years ago and has opened her own studio. She loves creating imaginative and playful sequences, guiding her students to find space in their bodies , mind and soul. Her classes are a mix of gentle asanas to a more dynamic style that synchronizes movement and breath to find stillness and focus. It is style that is beneficial for all levels of practice. Novice to Master - all are welcome.

She has a wonderful series of videos on our 6D YouTube channel beginning with meditation and breathwork through to flow mat yoga. Her chair yoga videos are very useful for those with mobility or flexibility issues and she offers each type of practice either with a chair or on a mat - Andrea meets you where you are on your journey.


Now you know what is happening at 6D Living and can, hopefully, find a variety of ways to join our community. And please do not forget to JOIN OUR FACEBOOK PAGE to enjoy all the healthy and interesting ideas being shared there by the community. And we thank Robin Saul for moderating and administrating this important piece of our 6D Community connection opportunities.

Oh! I almost forgot! You can also come join us in Greece in June 2024 for a Plant-Based Holiday/Retreat! You can sign up now to join the waiting list and be among the first to receive all retreat information and a chance to reserve your room early!

Hope to see you soon around the 6D neighborhood!


Be well


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